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Repair Tip – A test meter can be a real time and money saver while troubleshooting the numerous electrical parts on an appliance.  If you don’t have a test meter, one can be purchased reasonably cheap online or from a local hardware store.  Electrical parts can be diagnosed either good or bad very quickly, instead of just assuming that an appliance’s electrical part is faulty and replacing it, only to find out that the part wasn’t bad, and the problem lies elsewhere with another appliance part.

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No matter what brand of appliance you own it’s going to need a few new replacement parts and repairs every now and then.  Your appliances were manufactured and designed for maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.  In order to keep them working like new, you should always maintain and repair your washer, dryer, dishwasher oven and refrigerator with genuine – Original Equipment Manufacturer appliance parts.

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