Jenn Air Radiant Cartridge JEA8120ADBA

Jenn Air JEA8120ADBA Radiant Element Cartridge with two radiant elements.  This black glass/ceran cartridge has one large radiant element and one small element.


This JEA8120ADBA Jenn Air designer line black glass cook top cartridge is a very popular model with its quick start radiant heating elements.  This OEM cartridge comes complete.

Note:  This cartridge assembly has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the small  end of the cartridge.

JEA8120ADBA Terminal Ends

JEA8120ADBA Terminal Ends

Jenn Air Glass Cook Top Cartridge JEA8120ADW

This JEA8120ADW Jenn Air cartridge has a speckled white over black glass/ceramic cooktop surface.  This cartridge is from the Jenn Air designer line.

This JEA8120ADW cooktop cartridge has one large radiant heating element and one small radiant element.  This is a genuine OEM part.  The cartridge comes complete.

Note:  This cartridge assembly has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the short end of the cartridge.

Hotpoint Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit IM6D

This IM6D Ice maker kit will work on many Hotpoint refrigerators.  The IM6D is a complete add on ice maker kit that can be installed on many models of Hotpoint or GE manufactured refrigerators made from 1987 to the present.


This IM6D kit includes the icemaker, single valve-water valve, fill tubes, two ice buckets, installation instructions and hardware for the installation.

( This kit does not come with the round adapter plug, part # WR29X10049 4 to 6 pin.  It will need to be ordered separately. )

Whirlpool Ice Cutter Grid WP2313637

This WP2313637 Whirlpool ice cutter grid is located inside the main cabinet of the ice maker.  If your Whirlpool ice maker is not making ice properly, the ice cutter grid may need to be replaced.


The cutter grid has fine wires that heat up and melt through the sheet of ice, making ice cubes that then fall into the ice bin compartment.  This WP2313637 ice cutting grid assembly is used on some Kenmore, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid under counter and free standing model ice makers.

Ice Maker Cutting Grid WP2313637

Ice Maker Cutting Grid WP2313637

LG Washer Door Boot Seal

The door seal or boot is used in all front load LG washers, the rubber boot is used to form a water tight seal between the washer and the door, during the washer cycles.


If you have noticed water leaking from around the door of the washer the rubber boot or seal might have a tear or rip in it.  The most common reason for this is from overloading the washing machine with laundry.

Note:  Please use the model number on your washer when ordering this part.

Many of the LG door boots may look similar in shape and color but will not fit or function properly on your particular model washer.