Maytag Washer Door Bellow Seal

The door bellow is used on all front load Maytag washers.  The bellow is used to form a water tight seal between the door and the washer.


If your Maytag front load washer is leaking at the door the bellow/seal may be torn.  The most common cause for a torn door bellow is overloading the washer.

Note:  Please use the model # on your washing machine when ordering a new bellow.

Many of the Maytag front load washer bellows/seals may look similar in shape and color but will not fit or function properly on your particular model washer.




GE Refrigerator Water Valve WR57X10022

This refrigerator water valve part WR57X10022 is used for some side by side GE refrigerators. This valve is also used on some Hotpoint refrigerators.


This WR57X10022 water valve is also known as the water inlet fill valve, water fill valve assembly, water solenoid and fill valve.  It is also used on some Hotpoint side by side refrigerators.  This valve assembly is used to supply water to the ice maker or water dispenser when activated.

Note: This WR57X10022 water valve assembly has been redesigned from the original valve but will still function and work the same.  It comes with the newer push in quick connect fittings instead of threaded fittings.

Jenn Air Cooktop Cartridge JEA7000ADBA

This Jenn Air cartridge part JEA7000ADBA comes complete with burner elements and drip pans.  The cartridge has a black porcelain finish on the cooktop surface.


This cartridge is also called the Jenn Air A100 B coil element cartridge.  The cooktop comes complete with one 8″ coil burner element, one 6″ coil burner element and two chrome drip pans.

Note:  This cartridge assembly has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the 6″ small burner element short end of the cartridge.

Model # A100B – JEA7000ADBA – JEA7000ADB

Jenn Air Cartridge Assembly JEA7000ADSA

This Jenn Air JEA7000ADSA cartridge assembly comes complete with coil elements and drip bowls.  The cartridge assembly has a stainless steel finish.


This cartridge assembly is also called a Jenn Air A100 cooktop cartridge.  The cartridge assembly comes with one 8″ coil element, one 6″ coil element and two chrome drip bowls.

Note:  This cartridge has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the 6″ small burner element short end of the cartridge.

Model # A100 – JEA7000ADS – JEA7000ADSA

Ice Maker Cutting Grid WP2313637

This WP2313637 ice cutting grid is located inside the main cabinet of the ice maker.  If your ice maker is not making ice properly, the ice cutting grid may need to be replaced.


The cutting grid has fine wires that heat up and melt through the sheet of ice, making ice cubes, that then fall into the ice bin.  This WP2313637 ice cutting grid assembly is used on some Kenmore, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid under counter model ice machines.