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Admiral Heater Element

OEM Part Number – 279838

This genuine OEM element is rated at 240 volts – 5400 watts and is located inside the back panel of the appliance, attached to the heater housing.  If your electric clothes dryer is not heating, you will need to test the thermal fuse first, the part is attached to the blower housing, if the thermal fuse tests good, you will need to check for burnt or loose wires or a break in the element’s coils.  If the coil element is broken, you will need to replace the whole element with a new one.  Remember to unplug the electrical power to your appliance before you start this repair.

Admiral Water Inlet Valve

OEM Part Number – 285805

The water inlet valve comes with a replacement metal support bracket and screw to secure the part to your appliance with.  These parts are mounted to the backside of your washing machine with two hoses connecting to it that lead to your homes water supply faucets mounted in the wall, one hot water line and one cold water line.  You will need to lift the lid of the appliance to gain easy access to the valve to replace it.  Make sure that you have unplugged the unit and turned both the hot and the cold water supplies off before making this repair.  The most common symptoms that this part has failed are, the wash tub won’t fill with water, no hot water, no cold water, water fills the tub even when the appliance is turned off.  Unplug or disconnect the electricity to the machine before making this repair.  This part is OEM.

Admiral Gas Flame Sensor

OEM Part Number – WP338906

This dryer part is used on a gas dryer as a safety device, to prevent dangerous levels of gas from building up.  The sensor senses the heat that is emitted from the gas igniter and monitors if it is hot enough to ignite the gas to light the burner flame.  Some common signs of a bad dryer flame sensor are the appliance takes a long time to heat up or won’t get hot at all.  Please use the model number when ordering, to be certain that this is the exact OEM replacement part for your specific model.

Admiral Thermal Cut Off Fuse

OEM Parts Number – 279816

This thermal cut-off fuse is used to prevent the dryer from overheating when the dryer high limit thermostat has failed.  This OEM parts kit includes (1) thermal cut-off fuse (309 degrees) (1) high-limit thermostat of (250 degrees) Fahrenheit and the jumper wire.  The high limit thermostat and thermal cut-off fuse are both mounted on the clothes dryer heater housing.  Some of the most common symptoms that these parts have failed are, the dryer gets too hot, takes too long to dry the laundry, no heat or the dryer will not start.  Remember to unplug the electrical power cord to your clothes dryer before you replace both of these parts.

Admiral Thermal Fuse

Part Number – WP3392519

This part is also known as the thermal cut off fuse and the temperature fuse.  The fuse is used as a safety mechanism, cutting off electricity to the dryer motor and the heating element to keep the appliance from getting too hot.  Once this fuse has blown it cannot be reused.  Repair tip: If your thermal fuse has blown, you will need to check for lint build up or blockage in the clothes dryer’s vent hose or ventilation system, before you install a new thermal fuse, only to have it blow again.  Please remember to unplug the power cord before you start this repair.

Admiral Drum Roller Kit

Part Number – 349241T

These parts are used to help support the drum and allows the drum to turn smooth and easy inside of the dryer.  The most common symptoms that the drum rollers have failed are, the dryer is very noisy, the drum will not turn.  Be sure to use your model number to be certain that these are the correct replacement parts for your specific appliance model.

Admiral Drum Belt

Part Number – 341241

This OEM dryer belt is used to turn the drum located inside of the clothes dryer, it is a flat belt that measures 92 1/4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.  This belt uses an idler pulley to keep tension around the dryer drum.  It is a ribbed belt with (4) ribs and (3) grooves, it replaces many dryer belts used on many other models.  The most common symptom of a broken dryer belt is the dryer motor runs but the drum will not turn.  Please enter the model number on your dryer to be sure that this is the correct belt for your specific unit.

Admiral Agitator Repair Kit

Part Number – 285751

This parts kit comes with the agitator cam and four directional cogs, also known as dog ears.  The most common symptoms that these parts need to be replaced are, the top part of the washer’s agitator will not catch and rotate properly, the top section of the agitator should catch and ratchet in one direction when the washing machine is in the wash cycle.  If you have noticed that the top part of the agitator in your washer will not agitate and just flops around loosely, these genuine OEM replacement parts should fix the problem.

Admiral Gas Igniter Kit

Part Number – 279311

This gas dryer igniter kit comes with a bracket, (2) wire nuts and the mounting screw.  The parts kit can replace both flat and round igniters. The igniter is located inside of the burner assembly.  Some common signs that the ignitor has failed are, the clothes dryer will not heat, takes to long to heat.  Note: you will need to take extra precautions while replacing this ignitor, it is a fragile part that can break very easy.  Remember to unplug your clothes dryer before you start this repair.

Admiral Drive Belt

Part Number – WPW10006384

This washer drive belt goes around the motor pulley and the drive pulley and is located on the bottom of the washing machine.  You will need to tilt the appliance forward to gain easy access to remove the old belt and replace it.  Please be sure that you have unplugged your appliance before you start this repair.

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