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Admiral Washer Motor Coupler

Part Number – 285753A

This washer motor coupler is used for some beltless direct drive washing machines.  These OEM replacement parts are the new and improved version of the older style coupler, they have added metal shaft sleeves for extra durability.  The motor coupler is used between the washer motor and the transmission.  Some signs that this part has failed are, the washing machine will fill the wash tub with water and will drain the water from the tub, but the agitator will not agitate and tub basket will not spin.

Admiral Washer Pump

Part Number – WP3363394

This is a genuine OEM washer pump that is used on some direct drive washer models, meaning that the pump is not driven by a belt, instead the pump is connected directly to the washing machine motor shaft.  The most common symptom that the drain pump has failed is the washer will not pump the water from the tub after the wash cycle is done.  Repair tip: you will want to check the pump ports and the impeller for blockage or clogs, before replacing the pump with a new one.

Admiral Washer Water Inlet Valve

Part Number – 285805

This water inlet valve comes with a metal support bracket.  You will find the water inlet valve located on the backside of your washing machine, it has two hoses connecting to it that lead to the water supply faucets mounted in the wall of your home, one hot water line and one cold water line.  You will need to lift the lid of the washer to gain easy access to the inlet valve to replace it.  Make sure that you unplug the washer and turn both hot and cold water supplies off before you begin this repair.  The most common signs of this part failure are, the tub won’t fill with water, no hot water, no cold water, water fills the tub even when the washing machine is turned off.

Admiral Washer Belt

Part Number – WPW10006384

This washer drive belt goes around both the motor pulley and the drive pulley.  The belt is located on the bottom of the washing machine. You will need to tilt your washer forward to gain access to replace the belt.  Remember to disconnect the appliance from its electrical source before you start to repair it.  Please be sure to use your model number to be certain that this is the correct part for your washer model.

Admiral Washer Timer

Part Number – WPW10199989

This washer timer controls most all of the functions within the washer during its various cycles.  The timer controls when certain functions begin, end and for how long they will last.  Some of the most common signs that a timer has failed are, the cycle will not advance, the clothes washer will not fill with water, will not pump the water out, will not shut off or the washing machine will not run at all.  Please enter your model number when ordering this part, to ensure that this is the correct replacement part for your specific machine.  Remember to unplug your appliance before you begin this repair.

Admiral Washer Agitator Repair Kit

Part Number – 285751

This top load washer agitator parts kit comes with the agitator cam and four directional cogs, also known as dog ears.  The main symptoms that these parts have failed are, the top part of the agitator will not catch and rotate properly, the top half of the agitator should catch and ratchet in one direction when the washing machine is in the wash cycle.  If you have noticed that the top part of the agitator in your washer will not agitate these genuine OEM replacement parts should fix the problem.

Admiral Washer Suspension Spring

Part Number – WP63907

Washer suspension spring. Used to help keep the washer tub balanced during all of the wash cycles.  The most common signs that this part has failed are, the washing machine makes loud noises, shakes during the spin cycle, moves around during the wash cycles. If you have noticed one or more of these symptoms, a broken or lost washer suspension spring may be the cause.  Please be sure to use the model number on your appliance when ordering this part, to ensure that this is the correct replacement part for your particular model.

Admiral Washer Timer Knob

Part Number – WPW10711289

Timer knob. White in color and has a female fitting that accepts a (D) shaped shaft on the washing machine timer.  This knob pulls off and pushes on to the timer shaft. No tools are needed for the easy removal or replacement of this knob.  Please be sure to use your model number to insure that this is the correct part for your appliance.

Admiral Washer Lid Switch

Part Number – WP8318084

Washer lid switch.  This switch is used for a top load washer.  The switch is located under the control panel on the top of the washer.  You will need to lift the control panel up and back away from the top of the clothes washer to replace the lid switch.  Some signs that this part has failed are, the washing machine won’t start, timer will not advance, tub basket will not spin.

Admiral Washer Main Tub Seal

Part Number – W10324647

Washer tub seal. This part is used to prevent water from leaking around the transmission basket drive shaft down through the center of the wash tub and on to the floor.  If you have noticed water leaking around the transmission, at the bottom of your washing machine, this part should be replaced.  Note: This can be a difficult part to replace.  If you have little mechanical experience, it is recommended that this washer repair be performed by a qualified appliance technician.

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