Appliance Electrical Safety Precautions

Know how and where to turn off the electricity to the appliance.  For example – plugs, fuses, circuit breakers and cartridge fuses.

Know their locations in the home, label them.  If a specific diagnostic check requires that voltage be applied, reconnect electricity only for the time required for such a check and disconnect it immediately thereafter.  During any such check, be sure no other conductive parts come in contact with any exposed current-carrying metal parts.  When replacing electrical parts, or reassembling the appliance, always reinstall the wires back on the proper terminals according to the wiring diagram.  Check to be sure that the wires are not crossing any sharp areas, not pinched in some way, nor between panels, nor between moving parts that may cause an electrical problem.  The following additional safety tips are also important to remember.

  • Always use a separate, grounded electrical circuit for each major household appliance.
  • Never use an extension cord for any major appliances.
  • Be sure that the electricity is off before ever working on the appliance, double check!
  • Never remove the ground wire from a three prong power cord, or any other ground wires from any appliance.
  • Never bypass or alter any appliance switches, components, or features.
  • Replace any damaged, pinched or frayed wiring before repairing any appliance.
  • Be sure that all of the electrical connections within the appliance are correctly and securely connected.
Warning– Any person who does not understand the full dangers of working with live electricity, that electrical currents can cause serious bodily injury or death should not ever attempt to repair, service, remove parts, install parts, troubleshoot or maintain any household gas or electric appliance.
Call a certified electrician or a certified appliance repair technician if you doubt your abilities.  When dealing with electricity, there is absolutely no leeway for mistakes, Be Safe!
Please read or disclaimer before proceeding any further.

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