Jenn Air Cooktop Cartridge JEA7000ADBA

This Jenn Air cartridge part JEA7000ADBA comes complete with burner elements and drip pans.  The cartridge has a black porcelain finish on the cooktop surface.


This cartridge is also called the Jenn Air A100 B coil element cartridge.  The cooktop comes complete with one 8″ coil burner element, one 6″ coil burner element and two chrome drip pans.

Note:  This cartridge assembly has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the 6″ small burner element short end of the cartridge.

Model # A100B – JEA7000ADBA – JEA7000ADB

Jenn Air Cartridge Assembly JEA7000ADSA

This Jenn Air JEA7000ADSA cartridge assembly comes complete with coil elements and drip bowls.  The cartridge assembly has a stainless steel finish.


This cartridge assembly is also called a Jenn Air A100 cooktop cartridge.  The cartridge assembly comes with one 8″ coil element, one 6″ coil element and two chrome drip bowls.

Note:  This cartridge has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the 6″ small burner element short end of the cartridge.

Model # A100 – JEA7000ADS – JEA7000ADSA

KitchenAid Ice Machine Circulation Pump WP756782

This ice machine circulation pump part WP756782 is used for some stand alone KitchenAid ice machines.  This pump is also used on some Kenmore and Kitchen Aid ice machines.


The old part number for this ice maker pump is 756782.  This KitchenAid ice maker pump is also known as a water pump, ice machine water pump, water pump assembly and recirculating pump.  It is also used on some Kenmore and Whirlpool free standing and under the counter ice machines.  This pump helps circulate water through the evaporator which in turn forms an ice sheet that will then be cut into cubes from the ice cutting grid.



Samsung Refrigerator Ice Bucket DA97-08223D

Genuine OEM part DA97-08223D ice bucket and auger assembly.  This ice bucket assembly is used on some Samsung model refrigerators.


The ice bucket with auger assembly is located in the freezer section of your refrigerator, it is used to collect, store and dispense ice cubes.

No tools are needed for replacing this ice bucket assembly.

GE Refrigerator Ice Bucket Assembly WR17X23255

This ice bucket assembly with auger WR17X23255 is used on some GE refrigerators.  The ice bucket is used to catch, store and move the ice cubes forward.


The ice cubes are moved forward by the rotating auger located inside the ice bucket when the refrigerator ice

dispenser is pressed.  This GE ice bucket comes with a heavy duty plastic auger that will not rust like the metal augers can.

This genuine OEM GE part is also used on some Hotpoint refrigerators.