Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Noisy

If you have noticed your Frigidaire refrigerators noisy.  Follow these three troubleshooting steps to help you locate the problem so you can fix or replace the defective part or parts and make your refrigerator run quietly again.

WARNING – If you are attempting to repair any refrigerator yourself, be aware that you are working with potentially dangerous electrical currents that can cause serious bodily injury or death.  Always remove the electrical power source from the appliance before you ever begin working on it.  If you are attempting to repair any household gas appliances yourself, always be sure to turn off the gas that is designated to the appliance before you ever begin to repair it.  Be aware that refrigerators have extremely sharp edges and moving parts that can cause serious bodily injury or death.  Be aware that there are many other dangers and precautions involved with a refrigerator repair besides those listed above.  We strongly suggest that you please read our DISCLAIMER before any further actions are taken or proceeding any further.  Think safety first!

Frigidaire Refrigerator

Step-1. Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan motor is located inside the back wall of the freezer compartment on a refrigerator.  If you notice that the noise gets louder when you open either the freezer or the refrigerator door, this is usually due to an issue with the evaporator fan motor.  You will need to inspect the evaporator motor and fan to determine if the issue is with the motor, the fan blades or both.  Perhaps the blades on the fan are just hitting some sort of debris or an obstruction that will need to be removed to solve the issue or the motor could be on its last leg and making squealing or chirping noises, a sure indication the motor is worn out and will need to be replaced.


Step-2. Condenser Fan Motor

If the noise is coming from the bottom portion of the refrigerator, the condenser fan could be the reason your refrigerator is noisy.  The condenser fan motor is located in the very bottom part of the refrigerator behind the access panel on the back side of the fridge.  It is used to draw cool air through the bottom front grill, it circulates the air around the compressor and through the condenser coils, then moves the hot air out into the room.  It also aids in evaporating water from the drain pan, located beneath the fridge.   Remove the kickplate from the bottom of the refrigerator and clean it if needed, then inspect the condenser coils for dust buildup, if there is buildup present, it will need to be removed.  You can remove the dust using a vacuum hose and small attachment or a long narrow refrigerator coil brush. The brush can usually be purchased fairly cheap online or at one of the bigger name hardware stores.  You will need to be careful while removing the dust, not to loosen any of the electrical wire connections or electrical components on the compressor or damage the condenser motors fan blades while cleaning the dust off of them.  This cleaning should really be a refrigerator maintenance that is performed at least once a year if you have pets that shed in the house or live in a dusty environment.



Step-3. Drain Pan

The noise problem could be the refrigerator drain pan.  The drain pan is located at the very bottom of the refrigerator, behind the kickplate/ grill.   If the refrigerator has been moved from one location to another, it may have jarred the drain pain into an awkward position.  If you have removed the drain pan recently for one reason or another, it may not have been reinstalled correctly, this can cause the plastic drain pan to vibrate against other refrigerator parts.  You will need to remove the refrigerators bottom grill or kickplate to verify if the drain pan is in the correct position or not.