GE Cooktop Glass Main Top Replacement

GE Cooktop Glass Main Top Replacement

Reasons for replacing a GE cooktop main glass top only: The glass has become cracked, scratched, broken or the glass top has become discolored from years of use.


Whether you have a glass GE cooktop or a ceramic cooktop they are basically both the same.  Both smooth cooktop surfaces are made from a glass and ceramic blend.  It all really boils down to trade marks on the names.

These stylish GE cooktops are desired in most modern kitchens for their smooth sleek built in features.  They feature a smooth flat glass cooking surface with radiant heating elements which are hidden beneath the glass main top which provide almost instant even heat for cooking.

There are a few downsides of having a cooktop with the ceramic or glass main top versus a traditional cooktop with a metal surface and exposed coil heating elements with drip pans.  If you have cabinets directly above your cooktop you do not want to place heavy objects in it, such as canned foods, glass jars, pots/pans or dishes.  They can fall and break the cooktop glass main top.  You do not want to use cast iron cookwear that is not coated with smooth porcelain.  The rough bare cast iron can scratch the fine surface of the glass.  You will want to clean up spills or boil overs on the hot cooking surfaces as soon as possible to prevent them from getting burnt and baked on and very difficult, if not impossible, to remove later.  Clean the cooktop by using a wet sponge or a damp soft cloth, never use harsh metal scouring pads on the glass cooktop surface, it can scratch the glass.