GE Range/Stove/Oven Bake Element

GE Range/Stove/Oven Bake Element

Typically, when the bake element in a GE oven/stove goes bad the bake element will not heat at all or when the bake element is turned on it trips the circuit breakers or it blows the main fuses.


In some cases you will see arching or sparks and hear a loud electrical buzzing sound like someone is welding in your oven.  To verify if the heating element is  bad, turn the selector switch to bake and then set the thermostat temperature.  Is the bake element heating?  On some models the clock must be set to manual, check the use and care manual for the model you are servicing.

Check for external damage of the bake element.  Is the appliance installed properly?  Does the appliance have the correct voltage?

Always disconnect the electricity before working on any electrical appliances.  Disconnect the electricity to the oven.  This can be done by pulling the plug from the receptacle or flipping the breaker off.  Make sure the electricity is turned off to the unit.  USE EXTREME CAUTION!  YOU ARE WORKING WITH 220 VOLTS,

To gain access to the bake element, open the oven door and remove the oven racks.  Begin by removing the screws that secure the element to the back of the oven’s cavity.  Slide the element forward and inspect the wires on the bake element terminals.  Make certain that the wires are not burnt or the terminal ends aren’t loose or burnt, remove the screws from the terminal ends or pull the wires off of the bake element terminals, witch ever the case may be.  Using a multimeter set the Range scale to the lowest ohms setting.  Place the probes on the element terminals, there should be continuity.  The actual readings will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer according to the size of the unit and the wattage used, but the reading should generally be between 10 to 75 OHMS.  If you do not get a reading on the multimeter, the element does not have continuity and will need to be replaced with a new bake element.


Bad Oven Bake Element

Bad Oven Bake Element

Testing A Bake Element For Continuity

Testing An Oven Bake Element For Continuity

GE Oven/Range/Cooktop Repair Help

GE Oven/Range/Cooktop Repair Help

Your GE oven, range or cooktop will eventually need a repair part or two, sometimes they are
very easy to install.  Your average GE range bake element will usually last
8 years or longer.

GE range and oven bake elements, under normal use, will usually work for eight years or more, broil elements usually hold up much longer. It is not unusual to see GE oven/range units that are twenty years old or older that have never needed any repair parts.

Here are some GE oven repair tips.

Remember to always unplug or disconnect all electrical appliances before attempting any repairs.

If the bake or broil element in your GE oven or range is not working
and you can’t see any exterior damage such as a small hole or a break in the element
where it has shorted out or any other obvious damage, it may have a wire
that has come off of the terminal clips on the element or one of the wires may have shorted
where it connects to the bake unit terminals. Since a lot of people buy GE stove, range and oven parts
only to find out later that the problem was a burnt wire, it might save you an
unnecessary oven repair parts expense if you check this out before purchasing new parts.

GE Oven Bake Elements

If you have an ohm meter (available at most hardware stores) you can check
oven-range-stove element for resistance.  Usually if it shows resistance it is an indicator
that the burner is good and the problem may be in the oven, range, stove selector
switch or thermostat.

Your GE range or stove surface unit parts, as shown above, may start working erratically.
If this is so, The terminal ends on the stove burner may be charred or burnt. This will cause the range
burner to lose electrical contact at times with the terminal block it plugs into. It is quite often
better to replace both range parts. If the terminals on the surface unit are burnt then the contacts
on the block are probably burnt also. If new part is used with a burnt terminal block these
range, stove repair parts may not last very long or give proper service.

If your GE range or cooktop surface unit switch becomes defective,
your burner may stay at high heat when you turn it on, even if you
have it at a low setting.  Of course the burner element may not come on at all when the switch
is turned on.   Repeat, the main symptoms when these range, stove parts become defective is
too much heat or no heat.


These oven, stove, range terminals are installed with ceramic wire nuts that usually
come with the parts kit, along with installation instructions.
To obtain the best repair results when using wire nuts, make sure each wire you are
connecting to each other is bright and shiny.  You may need to use sandpaper
on the wires to achieve this result.

Bad GE Bake Element

Oven Control Board/Circuit Board Replacement

Oven Control Board/Circuit Board Replacement

The oven control board/circuit board controls most functions of the oven.  It can even diagnose faulty parts with error codes that will display on the touchpad..


Turn off or disconnect the power source to your oven, then remove the oven console or control panel for access to the control board.

When replacing your bad oven control board with a new control board, it is a good practice to have the new replacement board out of its packaging or box and to hold it in front of the old board so that you can examine both of the oven circuit boards and make certain that they are the same before pulling any wires loose from the existing board and replacing.

If you are not familiar with all of the wires that are connected and will need to be disconnected and transferred from one board to the other, have your phone handy and snap a few good photos of the bad control board while it is still connected in your oven for future reference, if needed.

Now that you are sure that both of the boards are the same you can transfer the wires from the old board to the new control board.

Once you have transferred all of the wires from the old control board to the new replacement control board you will need to replace the oven console or control panel, turn the power source back on.  You will then need to program the new oven control board, following the instructions for the make and model of your oven.

The control board has a life span just like any other household appliance parts do and can wear out from use and age.  Lightning storms/strikes cause a lot of havoc on appliances and are responsible for damage to many circuit boards.  Electrical power surges and flood waters or just moisture/condensation can also be to blame for a faulty oven circuit control board.

My GE Double Oven Quit Heating The Day Before Thanksgiving

My GE Double Oven Quit Heating The Day Before Thanksgiving

If your GE oven is not heating up, check the bake element for burnt spots, breaks or any other visible damage to the element.


The day before Thanksgiving 2017 I was preparing dinner for our family that was driving in the next day.  I have an older GE double oven and rarely use the bottom oven.  I was getting ready to bake the ham, turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and everything else yummy for Thanksgiving dinner.  I turned the top oven on and placed the turkey in it then turned on the bottom oven and as I was placing the ham in it, discovered, much to my surprise, it was not heating.  Guess that’s what I deserve for waiting until the last minute and not thinking ahead.

Since it was the day before Thanksgiving there was no way I could schedule a repairman to come out and fix my oven.  My husband did some trouble shooting and found that the bake element had a burnt spot on it and figured that is why it was not heating.  

We did get through Thanksgiving dinner but it would have been so much easier with two ovens.  We went online and ordered a bake element for the bottom oven and at a very reasonable price.  My husband installed the new bake element after watching a few “how to” appliance repair videos on line.  These were extremely helpful because this was something he had never done before and we wanted to make certain it was done correctly and safely.

Oven Bake Elements

After the bake element was installed we turned the oven on and it began to smoke.  We were alarmed that maybe the bake element had somehow been installed incorrectly so we went back online to a very informative how to video and it explained why bake elements smoke after being installed in electric ovens.  It stated that the elements are coated to stop them from rusting.  Makes sense huh…

I never realized the luxury of having a double oven while preparing large dinners, I had always just taken it for granted that they would be working properly.  

More Oven Repair Help
When doing repair work on electrical appliances that you are not familiar with, it’s always a good idea to find a reliable video showing step by step how to repair the appliance.  In the case of replacing the bake element, be certain to turn off the 220 breaker supplying electricity to the unit or to unplug the oven from the wall outlet.