Do Refrigerator Water Filters Really Work

Do Refrigerator Water Filters Really Work

If you want to know if refrigerator water filters are really effective, the answer is a definite yes!  Water filters can become very vile in time if they are not properly taken care of.


If you could see the inside of the water pipes in your home you would probably be grossed out.  What you can’t see are the microorganisms or pathogens that are present in the drinking water.  Bacteria, parasites and viruses, also known as water pathogens, are present in water.  Some of these are harmless but others can do harmful things to humans.

Using a refrigerator water filter can help eliminate the transmission of these microorganisms.  The most common type of water filter system is called a charcoal filter.  This filter traps these contaminants but a filter does have its limits and must be replaced in the amount of time suggested by the filter manufacturer, normally every six months.

The safest route to take when purchasing your water filters is to go with the ones made by the refrigerator manufacturer or their retail sales associates.  When purchasing refrigerator water filters make certain they are made to the specifications of the AHAM, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

As previously noted, a water filter typically needs to be replaced at least every six months.  It might seem like just another gimmick or unnecessary extra cost but why put the health of your family at risk by ignoring this very important step to safe and healthy drinking water.