Dishwasher Dish Rack Replacement

Dishwasher Dish Rack Replacement

Replacing the upper and lower dishwasher rack is a fairly simple repair, it only requires a few basic tools.  The lower dish rack is usually very easy to replace.


However, the upper dish rack can require a little more time and patience to install. Some makes and models of dishwashers are much more simple to work on than others.  The dishwasher racks are pretty basic.

There are dish rack rollers, dish rack adjustors, stop clips/end caps and rack slides.  The end caps on the top dish rack slides that keep the rack from sliding out of the dishwasher will need to be removed in order to remove the top rack.

Some assembly of the new racks may be required, such as the rollers or roller assembly, the upper wash arm support and cup holders.  Most all of these parts usually clip on and should snap off and on very easily.

Once you have installed and transferred all of the dishwasher rack parts onto the new dish rack it is ready to be installed.  You will need to align the rack rollers/wheels inside the roller supports and slide the rack back into the dishwasher then replace both end caps/stock clips onto the roller support ends.

If the rack does not roll in and out smoothly the side roller supports may need to be adjusted either up or down.