Jenn Air Cartridge Assembly JEA7000ADSA

This Jenn Air JEA7000ADSA cartridge assembly comes complete with coil elements and drip bowls.  The cartridge assembly has a stainless steel finish.


This cartridge assembly is also called a Jenn Air A100 cooktop cartridge.  The cartridge assembly comes with one 8″ coil element, one 6″ coil element and two chrome drip bowls.

Note:  This cartridge has three flat terminals and one round terminal located at the 6″ small burner element short end of the cartridge.

Model # A100 – JEA7000ADS – JEA7000ADSA

Range/Stove/Cooktop Surface Element

Range/Stove/Cooktop Surface Element

If you have a cooktop, range or stove with a radiant element or coil element that is not heating, you need to check the heating element for visual signs of damage.


You will need to locate the element that is not heating up and visually inspect it very thoroughly to determine weather or not it has any damage.  Look for cracks, burnt or chard spots, blistering on the element or a break in the coil.

If you have done a thorough visual inspection of the element and do not find any obvious damage, you will then need to do a continuity test with a multi-meter to determine weather or not the heating element has continuity.

If the element has continuity, then it is good and should function properly, If the element tests no continuity then it is bad and you will need a new surface heating element.

 If your oven, range, stove or cooktop surface unit switch becomes defective, your burner may stay at high heat when you turn it on, even if you have it at a low setting.  Of course, the burner element may not come on at all when the switch is turned on.  The main symptoms when the switch becomes defective is too much heat or no heat.

If your stove, range or cooktop surface unit starts working erratically, the terminal ends on the stove and element may be charred or burnt. This will cause the range burner to lose electrical contact at times with the terminal block it plugs into. It is quite often better to replace both range parts. If the terminals on the surface unit are burnt then the contacts on the block are probably burnt also. If a new part is used with a burnt terminal block these repair parts may not last very long or give proper service.