Samsung Refrigerator Ice Bucket DA97-08223D

Genuine OEM part DA97-08223D ice bucket and auger assembly.  This ice bucket assembly is used on some Samsung model refrigerators.


The ice bucket with auger assembly is located in the freezer section of your refrigerator, it is used to collect, store and dispense ice cubes.

No tools are needed for replacing this ice bucket assembly.

GE Refrigerator Ice Bucket Assembly WR17X23255

This ice bucket assembly with auger WR17X23255 is used on some GE refrigerators.  The ice bucket is used to catch, store and move the ice cubes forward.


The ice cubes are moved forward by the rotating auger located inside the ice bucket when the refrigerator ice

dispenser is pressed.  This GE ice bucket comes with a heavy duty plastic auger that will not rust like the metal augers can.

This genuine OEM GE part is also used on some Hotpoint refrigerators.

LG Refrigerator Ice Bucket 5075JA1044E

This 5075JA1044E ice bucket is used for some LG Refrigerators.  This ice bucket is used to store ice cubes in the refrigerator freezer section.


This ice dispensing bucket assembly is located in the left French door of the freezer behind the ice compartment door under the ice maker.  The ice bucket collects the ice from the ice maker, crushes the ice and dispenses the ice on demand.

No tools are needed for replacing the old ice bucket with the new part.