Refrigerator Circuit Control Board

Refrigerator Circuit Control Board

Before replacing a bad circuit control board with a new circuit board in your refrigerator you need to be aware of static discharge, it can cause damage to the sensitive components on a circuit control board.


We have all walked across the carpet and reached for a door knob and received a pretty powerful shock on our fingertips, this is static electricity being discharged.  To help minimize the amount of static electricity there are a few steps you can take while handling the new control board.

Wearing rubber sole shoes is a great first step to ground yourself and a pair of tight fitting rubber gloves will help to keep an electrical discharge to a minimum.  Just sliding the new circuit board out from its plastic packaging can cause static buildup and lead to a static discharge.  Plastic materials tend to build up a static charge easily.

Static electricity buildup is a lot lower while humidity is present in the atmosphere and much higher in a dry air climate .  It is rare to damage a circuit control board with a static electric discharge but it is something to be mindful of and to take extra precautions while working with these expensive, sensitive components because it does and can happen if the conditions are right for it to.

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