Refrigerator Glass Shelf Broke and Shattered

Refrigerator Glass Shelf Broke and Shattered

The glass shelf in my refrigerator just broke and shattered, it literally exploded into thousands of tiny pieces all inside of the refrigerator.


While I was cleaning out my refrigerator and getting rid of leftovers, out of date condiment jars and bottles, I noticed a glass jar of apricot preserves in the very back that I haven’t seen in months.  It was on the very bottom shelf so I reached in and grabbed the jar but it wouldn’t budge.  I should have stopped and taken the shelf out with the jar stuck to it right then but I didn’t.

The shelf just slips right out of the brackets, but me in my infinite wisdom, reached back in for another go at it and grabbed the jar to give it a good tug toward me.  Just as soon as I gave the jar a tug I heard a shattering explosion of glass.  The shelf just disappeared before my eyes into thousands of tiny pieces and scared the bejeebies out of me.  So there I am holding an old jar of apricot preserves and still in shock.

Looking at the huge mess I just made, all I could think about was I wish I had a do over and wanted to kick myself.  Well, it is what it is, can’t  turn back time,

just turned a fifteen minute job into a costly few hours.  After getting all of the tiny glass pieces cleaned out of the refrigerator with a shop vac, wiping and cleaning the refrigerator out really well, I replaced all of the drawers, brackets and shelves, except for one, of course, lol !

My refrigerator is about twenty years old and I didn’t think that I would be able to find a replacement shelf for a refrigerator that old.  I was shocked when I typed the make and model number into a web search and the exact replacement part was still available for my twenty year old refrigerator.  I ordered the shelf for $57.92, shipping included, and received the new shelf in three days.  I installed it in the refrigerator and it fit perfectly.  Now everytime I see a jar of jam or preserves I am reminded of this costly experience.

Refrigerator Drawer Replacement Tips

Refrigerator Drawer Replacement Tips

Before installing the new drawer in your refrigerator make sure the new drawer is the proper replacement part for your model refrigerator.

Check all of the drawer slide rails/glides in the refrigerator to make sure that they are intact and are not broken or have become loose from the refrigerator interior wall.  If they have become loose you will need to tighten them.  Make sure they are secured before the new refrigerator drawer is installed.  If broken, they will need to be replaced.






Make certain the slide rails or glides are cleared of all foreign objects such as food, sticky substances such as jellies, syrup etc.  Removing this might require warm water and scrubbing the groves or slots out with a soft scrub brush.

Once you have made sure the refrigerator drawer slide rails/glides are not damaged and are cleaned and secured or fastened correctly, you can proceed to install the new refrigerator drawer.  Go ahead and give the new drawer a few test runs pulling/pushing it in and out a few times before loading it with food.