Electric Dryers Drum Won't Turn

If your electric dryers drum is not turning, here you will find troubleshooting help with some of the most common solutions to repair your broken dryer with.

WARNING – If you are attempting to repair any household appliances yourself, be aware that you are working with potentially dangerous electrical currents that can cause serious bodily injury or death.  Always remove the electrical power source from the appliance before you ever begin working on it.  Be aware that appliances have extremely sharp edges and moving parts that can cause serious bodily injury or death.  Be aware that there are many other dangers and precautions involved in appliance repair besides those listed above.  We strongly suggest that you please read our DISCLAIMER before any further actions are taken or proceeding any further.  Always think safety first!

Troubleshoot An Electric Dryer That’s Drum Won’t Turn With These 5 – Steps

Step-1. Belt

The dryer belt goes around the dryer’s drum and motor shaft pully.  If the drum belt is broken, the motor will spin, but the dryers drum will not turn.  The top of the dryer will have to be lifted back and the front portion of the dryer console will need to be lifted to the side of the dryer, in order to gain access to the belt and drum to replace it.

Step-2. Drum Rollers

If your dryer is equipped with drum rollers, you will need to inspect the rollers and axles for wear and sloppy play on the axles.  Some dryer models only use drum rollers to support the back of the drum, while other dryer models use drum rollers to support the front and back of the dryers drum.  Just like automobile tires, it is recommended replacing them all at the same time, for longer lasting even wear.

Step-3. Drum Bearing

The rear center drum bearing and bearing retainer are used to support the rear of the dryer drum from the center, to the backside of the dryer, used on some models only.)

Step-4. Drum Glides

Only used on some dryer models ).  If the plastic drum glides have become damaged or broken, the drum will be hard to spin.

Step-5. Drive Motor

Inspect the drive motor, is the motor loud, does the motor hum and not turn freely or is it froze up, if so the motor is faulty and will need to be replaced.  The motor should run quiet and turn smooth.

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