Get Help Finding Your Oven Model Number

An oven model number can be found on a metal tag or on a sticker, usually the model number will be located just behind the oven door around the opening on the front of an oven.

If you can’t find the model number behind the door on your gas or electric oven, below is a helpful video and some examples of where you can search for your model number.
Why is the model number necessary while searching for replacement parts to repair your gas or electric oven.  A model number is given by the manufacturer to identify the parts that were used when a specific line of an oven was produced.
The manufacturer will produce new models of ovens from time to time, updating them to a more modern version.  Occasionally they will use the same parts with the same part numbers, and will basically just make changes to the cosmetics of the oven, other times they will redesign and manufacture new parts for a whole new model.  Sometimes these parts will look similar to the old parts in appearance, but they will not fit or function properly on your specific model.
Click on the appliance below for a helpful short video of how and where you can locate the model number on an oven.
Here are a few examples of the model number locations on a variety of gas ovens and electric oven models and brands.
(The model # is outlined in blue)

You will have to open the oven door to find the model number on this newer model GE built-in wall oven.  The model number PTS7000SN1SS is located on the left side of the ovens door frame opening.

This electric Whirlpool slide in oven model number WEE510S0FS2, can be found on the upper right hand side of the door opening of the oven.

You will find this Bosch wall oven model number HBL8453UC/01, located on a sticker and placed on the ovens lower left side of the door opening.

The pictures above show an older model GE double wall oven, with the model number stamped into a metal plate, screwed to the top right hand side of the oven’s door opening.  You will have to open the top oven door to find the model number.

Here is a free standing Maytag gas oven model PGR4410ADW. The model number sticker has bean placed on the lower right front of the ovens frame, you will need to open the broiler door to see it.

Here is an older model Whirlpool double wall oven, with the model number 106.53534300 stamped into a metal plate and riveted to the top ovens left side door frame.

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