Gas Oven Surface Burner Won't Light

If your gas ovens surface burner is not lighting, here you will find troubleshooting help with some of the most common solutions to repair your broken oven with.

WARNING – If you are attempting to repair any household appliances yourself, be aware that you are working with potentially dangerous electrical currents that can cause serious bodily injury or death.  Always remove the electrical power source from the appliance before you ever begin working on it.  If you are attempting to repair any household gas appliances yourself, always be sure to turn off the gas that is designated to the appliance before you ever begin to repair it.  Be aware that appliances have extremely sharp edges and moving parts that can cause serious bodily injury or death.  Be aware that there are many other dangers and precautions involved in appliance repair besides those listed above.  We strongly suggest that you please read our DISCLAIMER before any further actions are taken or proceeding any further.  Always think safety first!

Troubleshoot A Gas Ovens Surface Burner Won’t Light With These 5 – Steps

Step-1. No Gas

If your burner is clicking but not igniting check to make sure that the gas supply to the oven is in the open position and that you have gas going to the burner.

Step-2. Burner Cap

If your oven model is equipped with a burner cap and you here clicking but the surface burner won’t light, check to make sure that the burner cap is centered correctly on the base of the ovens burner.

Step-3. Clogged Burner

A clicking sound will occur if the burner ports on your cooktop are clogged this may prevent the gas burner from lighting and the ignitor may continue clicking.  If this is the problem you can clean out the debris and buildup from the ports using a fine metal pin.  If moisture is in the burner ports from cooking spills the surface burner won’t ignite.  (Turn off the gas supply to the oven first!) then use a hairdryer set on the cool cycle to dry the burners out.

Step-4. Spark Electrode

A week or bad spark electrodes can be the cause of a rapid clicking sound, but the top burner will not light.

Step-5. Electronic Ignition Switch

Some gas oven models use an electronic ignition system that does not use a pilot light, instead it uses an ignition switch attached to the burner control knob.  When the burner control knob is turned to lite the surface burner, electricity is supplied through the ignition switch creating the spark to light the gas burner. The ignition switch can break causing the switch to click continuously, or it may not even click at all.   When one ignition switch becomes faulty, they will all fail being that they are all wired together.

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