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GE Dryer Drum Bearing Kit

Part Number – WE25M40

Rear drum bearing parts kit is used to support the rear of the dryer drum to the backside of the dryer.  This parts kit includes a bearing, shaft and grounding strap bracket (7) screws.  The main symptom that that parts have failed are, the dryer is noisy.

GE Dryer Gas Valve Solenoid Kit

Part Number – 5303931775

Gas valve solenoid kit is also referred to as the ignition coil kit used for some GE gas dryer models.  This parts kit comes with two coils, (1) two wire coil and (1) three wire coil.  Some common symptoms of a failed gas valve solenoid are, clothes dryer has no heat, little to no heat, laundry takes too long to dry.  Always unplug the power to the unit before replacing these parts.

GE Dryer Timer

Part Number – WE4M527

The timer is located in the console panel on top of the dryer.  The timer is used to control the various timed cycles within the clothes dryer.  It uses sets of cam operated switches that direct electric current to the dryer motor and heating element at the appropriate times for the selected cycles.  Some common symptoms that this part has failed are, dryer will not run, will not heat, will not stop at the end of a cycle, will not advance through the cycle.  Always unplug or disconnect the electric power source to the appliance before attempting to repair it.

GE Gas Dryer Igniter

Part Number – 5318EL3001A

Gas dryer igniter.  Comes with the mounting bracket and wiring harness plug, the igniter is located inside of the burner assembly of the gas dryer.  Some common signs that the igniter has failed are, the clothes dryer will not heat or takes too long to heat up.  Note: you will need to take extra precautions while handling this igniter, it is a very fragile part that can break very easy.

GE Dryer Drum Belt

Part Number – 4400EL2001F

Dryer drum drive belt.  Used to turn the drum inside of the dryer, the belt is used in conjunction with the motor pulley and the tension pulley.  The belt wraps around the drum, the motor pulley and the tension pulley, which keeps the belt tight on the clothes dryer drum.   Symptom that the belt has failed is, motor runs but the drum will not turn.

GE Dryer Idler Pulley

Part Number – WE12X83

Dryer idler pulley wheel.   Located between the motor pulley and the drum.  The pulley is used to keep tension on the dryer belt.  The most common symptoms that the pulley has failed are, clothes dryer is noisy, it squeaks, squeals or the drum will not turn.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the dryer before attempting to repair it.

GE Dryer Heating Element

Part Number – WE11X20397

This heating element and housing assembly is located inside the back of the dryer.  If your GE electric dryer is not heating, you will need to test the thermal fuse first.  If the thermal fuse is good you will need to check for loose or burnt wires or a break in the heating element coils.  if the coils have a break in them, the heating element will need to be replaced with a new one.  Always disconnect the electrical power source to the dryer before attempting to repair it.  The most common symptom of a bad heating element is, the dryer will not heat.

GE Dryer Drum Slide, Glide Kit

Part Number – WE25X60

This dryer drum slide parts kit contains (2) slides and the hardware for installation.  The drum slides/glides are located under the front of the dryer drum, they are used to lesson friction and help the drum turn smoothly.  Some common symptoms that the drum glides have failed are, the dryer is noisy, drum doesn’t turn smooth.

GE Dryer Cycling Thermostat

Part Number – WE4M216

Dryer cycling thermostat with bias heater.  Is located on the blower housing inside the back of the clothes dryer.  Some common symptoms that the cycling thermostat is bad are, the dryer gets too hot, won’t heat, takes too long to dry laundry, won’t turn off.  You can check the thermostat for continuity, if it doesn’t show any continuity the part will need to be replaced.

GE Dryer Motor

Part Number – WE17X22217

This dryer motor comes with a motor pulley and wiring harness.  The most common symptom that the motor has failed is, the clothes dryer will not start.  Always unplug the electrical power source to the dryer before attempting to replace these parts.

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