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GE Refrigerator Defrost Heater

Part Number – WR51X10042

This defrost heater and bracket parts assembly is used for some GE side by side refrigerator models to heat the evaporator during the refrigerators defrost cycle.  The heater is located at the bottom of the evaporator in the freezer section of the fridge.  When replacing the defrost heater the thermostat should also be replaced.  The most common symptoms that the heater has failed are, the freezer is warm, freezer will not defrost, no ice cubes, the fridge is warm.  Remember to unplug the appliance before making this repair.

GE Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

Part Number – WR57X10033

This water inlet valve is a genuine OEM part, used on some GE brand refrigerators to control the flow of water into the ice maker mold parts when activated.  This replacement part is solenoid operated, when the valve is energized water in the refrigerator supply line will pass through the valve body and into the ice maker mold.  The most common symptoms that the water inlet valve has failed are, no water to the ice maker, ice maker won’t make ice, leaking water.  Remember to unplug the electrical power cord to the fridge before making this repair.

GE Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat

Part Number – WR50X122

This defrost thermostat clips onto the evaporator and is located in the freezer section of the refrigerator.  The thermostat is used to control the temperature rise of the freezer during the defrost cycle.  Some common signs that the thermostat has failed are, the fridge temperature is warm, freezer is warm, icemaker not producing ice, freezer will not defrost.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the appliance before attempting to remove or replace any parts.

GE Refrigerator Defrost Control Circuit Board

Part Number – WR09X10032

This adaptive defrost control board is used to determine how often the refrigerator’s defrost mode should cycle.  The defrost thermostat and the defrost heater should be tested with a multimeter before replacing this part.  If both the heater and the defrost thermostat parts test ok the control board is more than likely bad and needs to be replaced.  Please use your model number to ensure that this is the correct replacement part for your appliance.  Remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the fridge before replacing this part.

GE Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

Part Number – WR60X225

This condenser fan motor is located in the bottom part of the refrigerator behind the cardboard access panel on the back side of the fridge.  It is used to draw cool air through the front grill and circulate the air around the compressor and through the condenser coils, then moving the hot air out into the room.  It also aids in evaporating water from the drain pan.  Some typical symptoms of a bad condenser fan motor are, the fridge is warm, the fan turns slower than normal, the compressor is noisy, the freezer is warm.

GE Refrigerator Ice Bucket and Auger Assembly

Parts Number – WR17X12091

This ice bucket and auger assembly is used to catch and store the ice from the icemaker.  The auger is located inside the bucket and is used to rotate and drive the ice cubes forward towards the refrigerators ice dispenser in the door.  Please use your model number to ensure that these are the correct parts for your GE model refrigerator.   Always unplug the electrical power cord before removing or installing any electrical parts on a refrigerator.

GE Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor

Part Number – WR60X10307

This evaporator fan motor comes with the wire harness and thermistor.  It is located in the back of the freezer compartment.  This part is used to move air across the hot refrigerator coils, converting the heat into cold air, which is then circulated throughout the unit.  Some common complaints associated with an evaporator fan motor that has failed are, freezer is warm, fridge is warm and noisy.  Always unplug your refrigerator before attempting to repair it.

GE Refrigerator Start Relay

Part Number – WR07X10084

This start relay is used on the refrigerator compressor as a jump start device.  If this relay is bad the refrigerators compressor may not kick on.

GE Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat

Part Number – WP2198202

This cold control thermostat is used for refrigerator and freezer compartments as a temperature sensor.  The most common symptoms of a failed temperature thermostat are, the fridge won’t start, runs too long, too warm or too cold.

GE Refrigerator Main Control Board

Parts Number – WR55X10942P

This OEM GE refrigerator main control board has the defrost control built into it.  The board is also known as the main control and the mother board.  The control board is located on the back side of the refrigerator behind a metal access plate.  Be sure to use your model number to ensure that this is the correct replacement part for your appliance.  Please remember to disconnect the electricity to the fridge before making this repair.

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Why choose genuine GE parts? If your refrigerator says GE on the outside why not put GE replacement parts on the inside.  Your GE refrigerator was designed for maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.  To keep your refrigerator working like new, always use genuine Original Equipment Manufactured parts to repair and maintain it with.

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