Your Maytag dryer may not need any new parts to restore the heat or require any tools for doing this dryer repair.  You

may be able to have your electric dryer heating again by just flipping a switch.

Before assembling all of the tools needed for repairing your electric dryer and taking apart the dryer’s cabinet, let’s try this first.  Here’s what you will need to do, you will need to locate your home’s breaker box.  Locate the breaker switch that is designated to supply electrical power to your clothes dryer,

which is usually a 30 AMP double throw breaker.  Next you will need to firmly flip the breaker switch off and on a few times to test it, even if the switch looks like it is in the on position.  The electric dryer has two 110 volt circuits, the dryer motor will run but will not supply voltage to the heating element if one circuit has been tripped or is not on.  During the heat of summer, this is a pretty common occurrence.


If this did not fix the no heat problem with your dryer, you will need to test the dryer’s heating element, thermal fuse, thermostats and

30 AMP Double Pole Breaker

timer/circuit board to see if they are all functioning properly.