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Hotpoint Gas Stove Valve Pressure Regulator

Parts Number – WB19K10044

This part is a gas safety valve used on some Hotpoint gas stove models.  The valve is used to prevent gas from leaking until the oven igniter gets hot enough to ignite the gas to a flame.  The pressure regulator automatically cuts the flow of gas off when a certain amount of pressure is reached.  Please be sure to shut the gas off and disconnect the electricity to your stove before installing this replacement part.

Hotpoint Stove Bake Element

Part Number – WB44K5012

This bake element is located inside the bottom of the oven compartment in some electric stove models.  If you have noticed that your oven is not heating up while trying to bake, the heating element may have burned out.  You can test the baking element for continuity by using a multi-meter, if the element does not show that it has continuity, it is bad and will need to be replaced with a new element.  Please remember to always disconnect your stove from its electrical source before you begin to service it.  Safety reminder: It is recommended that you wear safety gloves while troubleshooting or testing any of your stoves elements.  just because an element is not glowing red hot, doesn’t mean that it is not hot, it can still burn you long after you have turned your stove off.

Hotpoint Stove Temperature Sensor

Part Number – WB21X5301

This temperature sensor is located on the top back wall inside of the oven cavity on some stove models.  The sensor is used to regulate and measure the temperature inside of the oven.  If you have noticed that your ovens temperature is inaccurate or fluctuates by 50 degrees or more, the sensor is more than likely bad and should be replaced.  Be sure to use your model number to be certain that this is the correct part for your specific model of stove.  Please don’t forget to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to your appliance before attempting to replace this part.

Hotpoint Stove Broiler Element

Part Number – WB44K10002

This broiler element is located in top of the oven cavity and is used for broiling.  Quite often the element is used by helping to heat the oven up quicker in an electric stove.  If your broiler element has stopped heating you will need to check it for visual damage such as, burnt marks, blistering or bubbling, melted or burnt terminal ends.  Your element can be tested for continuity using a multi-meter.  Please don’t forget to unplug or disconnect the electricity to your stove before you begin to make any repairs.

Hotpoint Stove Temperature Control Thermostat

Part Number – WB20K8

This thermostat control is used to establish and maintain the temperature inside of the oven.  Please remember to disconnect the electrical power source to your appliance before you begin any repair procedures to the unit.

Hotpoint Stove Broiling Element

Part Number – WB44K5009

This broil element is located inside the top of the oven and is used for broiling.  The element has (2) push in spade terminals and is 240 volts.  We recommend using your model number to be sure that this is the correct part for your electric stove.   Please always remember to unplug or disconnect the electricity to the appliance you are attempting to service.

Hotpoint Stove Control Board

Part Number – WB27K10355

Gas Stove electronic control board.

Hotpoint Stove Igniter

Part Number – WB16K10035

This gas burner igniter does not come with the wire nuts.  Note: The connector on this ignitor may need to be snipped off and spliced directly to the stoves wires using high-temperature ceramic wire connecters to secure the wire ends with.  To ensure that this is the correct igniter for your particular gas model stove, we suggest using the model number on your appliance and please remember to disconnect the electricity to your stove before making this repair.

Hotpoint Gas Stove Igniter

Part Number – WB13X25261

This igniter is also known as the glow bar and is used inside of some oven models to ignite the gas to the broiler.

Hotpoint Stove Baking Element

Part Number – WB44X5043

This baking element uses screws to connect the two terminal ends to the ovens terminal.  The element is mounted inside the bottom of the oven cavity on some electric stove models and is used for baking.   You will want to make sure to unplug or disconnect the electricity dedicated to your stove before you begin to replace this part.  Note: Please be sure that your stove has had plenty of time to cool down before troubleshooting or fix any internal or external parts.  Some stove parts can keep residual heat for quite sometime and will still burn you long after you have turned the appliance off.  Be safe!

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