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Hotpoint Washer Lid Switch

Part Number – WH12X1043

Lid switch assembly.  This switch is located beneath the lid on a top load model washing machine, the switch is activated when the lid is opened or closed.  The assembly is held into place with two screws and has a quick connect electrical wire harness.  The most common signs that this switch has failed are, the tub will not spin, will not agitate.  Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source before attempting to replace any parts on your appliance.

Hotpoint Washer Touch-Up Paint (White)

Part Number – 72017

This touch-up paint can be used on the exterior of your white washer.  If your clothes washer has unsightly chips, scratches or small nicks, this touch-up paint will repair the damaged areas.  The paint is white in color and comes in a 6 fluid ounce bottle with a brush for an easy touch-up application on your appliance.

Hotpoint Washer Drain Hose

Part Number – WH41X10096

Drain hose.  Used for a top load model washer.  It is black in color, measures 57 inches in length and is made of flexible plastic.  it is located on the back side of the washing machine and used to remove the water from the tub to the drain after each cycle.  The most common symptom that this hose has failed is water leaking onto the floor during the drain cycles.

Hotpoint Washer Drive Belt

Part Number – WH1X2026

Washer belt V-Style.  Measures 29 1/2 inches long x 1/2 inch wide and is a v-style belt that tapers to a medium V-shape.  The most common signs that  this part has failed are, the washing machine will not agitate, tub will not spin,  motor will spin freely or the smell of burnt rubber.  Please be sure and use the model number on your appliance to ensure that this is the correct part for your specific washer model.  Always unplug or disconnect the clothes washer from the electrical outlet before attempting to repair it.

Hotpoint Washer Water Inlet Valve

Part Number – WH13X10024

Inlet water valve.  This valve is located on the back of the washer with two water hoses connecting to it.  The hoses lead to the water supply lines that are designated for the clothes washer, one hot water line and one cold water line.  Note: You will need to unplug the power cord from its electrical power source and make sure to turn both the hot and cold water off, before you begin this repair.  The most common signs of this valve failure are, the washer tub will not fill with water, no hot water, no cold water or water will enter the tub even when the clothes washer is turned off.

Hotpoint Washer Pressure Switch Hose

Part Number – WH41X365

This pressure switch hose is also referred to as the air dome tube, it is made of clear flexible plastic and is used for some top load washer models.  As the water level rises inside the washer tub it forces air through the air dome and up through this plastic hose to the water level control.  This puts pressure on the level control diaphragm, tripping the water level switch from empty to full which will begin the agitation cycle.  Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the clothes washer before attempting to repair it.

Hotpoint Hose Washer With Screen

Part Number – WH1X2267

Hose washer. This hose washer has a fine metal screen built into it and serves as a duel purpose part.  It serves as a washer forming a tight seal preventing water from leaking at the hose connections.  The screen is used to catch and prevent debris such as sand, silt, and hard water calcium deposits from entering the water inlet valve and causing damage to it.  You will want to make sure to turn the water off, that is designated for your appliance, before making this repair.

Hotpoint Washer Replacement Screw

Parts Number – WP489069

This replacement screw is used for many parts on a Hotpoint clothes washer.  The part measures 1/4″ hex head #10-12x1/2″, with a slotted 1/4″ hex head.  If you have noticed squeaking noises, parts of the washer that vibrate, or rattles a screw may have come loose or became lost and will need to be replaced to repair the problem.

Hotpoint Washer Pump and Motor

Part Number – WH23X10030

Washer drain pump and motor assembly.  Located inside the right front corner, at the base of the washer.  This pump is used to help drain the water from the washer tub after each agitate cycle and during the spin cycle. A common symptom that the pump has failed is,  the clothes washer will not drain the water out of the tub.   Helpful tip: Check the pump ports and impeller for clogs or blockage before replacing the pump with a new one.  Please be sure to use the model number on your appliance when ordering this pump, to ensure that this is the correct replacement part for your specific clothes washer model.

Hotpoint Washer Tub Seal

Part Number – WH02X10383

Tub main tub seal. This washer seal is used in the center of the wash tub to prevent water from leaking around the center shaft.  The most common symptom that this seal has failed is water leaking from the center of the washer tub.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to your appliance before attempting to repair it.

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