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Jenn Air Oven Surface Burner Head – Grey

Part Number – WP3412D024-26

This burner head is located on the cooktop surface of some freestanding and slide-in gas oven models.  It is grey in color and comes equipped with a built in spark electrode.  You will need to turn or rotate the burner head counter clock wise one eighth of a turn to remove it from the ovens cook top surface.  Note: The manufacturer has updated this burner head and it no longer requires a gasket to seal it with.  Some of the reasons for replacing a gas burner head are: the burner will not light, the enamel finish has cracked or worn off from use or it has an uneven flame.  Please be sure to enter your ovens model number to be sure that this is the correct part for your specific model.

Jenn Air Oven Surface Element Kit

Part Number – 4392061

This surface element kit is used on the cooktop surface of many different freestanding electric oven models.  The element replacement  kit includes (2) 8″ coil elements, (2) 6″ coil elements, (4) element receptacles, wires, wire nuts and installation instructions.  If you have noticed one or more of your coil elements will no longer heat, this parts kit should fix the problem.  Please always remember to unplug or disconnect the electricity dedicated to your appliance before you begin to service it.  Note: Please be sure to give your oven plenty of time to cool down before removing or replacing any parts.  Some oven parts can hold residual heat for quite sometime and will still burn you long after you have turned your oven off.  Please be safe!

Jenn Air Oven Thermal Fuse

Part Number – WP3196548

This thermal fuse is used as a safety device in the case of an oven overheating.  This fuse will shut the oven off to prevent a fire or further damage from happening to the appliance.  If you have noticed that your oven will not come on, you will need to check the thermal fuse for continuity.  You can test it by using an analog or digital multi meter, if the fuse does not show continuity it will need to be replaced.  Please remember to disconnect the electrical power source to your oven before attempting to repair or replace any parts on it.

Jenn Air Oven Surface Burner 8″

Part Number – WP660533

This surface coil burner is used on the cook top surface of some electric ovens.  The surface burner is 2600 watts and it measures 8 inches in diameter.  It has a (5) turn heating coil with rolled terminal ends, that push in and pull out of the receptacles on the ovens cooktop.  If you have an element that is not heating you can test the part for continuity using a multi-meter.  If the element shows that it has continuity you will need to test the surface element switch and the oven element receptacle.  Please unplug or disconnect the electricity to your appliance before you begin this repair.

Jenn Air Oven Surface Burner 6″

Part Number – WP660532

This surface burner is used on some electric ovens cooktop surface.  If the cooktop on your oven has a surface burner that is not heating, the element should be tested to see if it has continuity by using a multi-meter.  please don’t forget to disconnect the electricity to your oven before performing any repairs on it.

Jenn Air Oven Temperature Sensor

Part Number – 12001656

This temperature sensor is located inside the oven compartment on some models.  The temperature sensor is used to measure and regulate the internal temperature inside of the oven compartment.  This sensor is approximately 6″ long and comes with (2) wire harness adaptors and installation instructions.  To be certain that this is the correct part for your specific oven, we suggest using the model number when ordering.

Jenn Air Oven Surface Burner Head – Black

Part Number – WP3412D024-09

This burner head is located on the cooking surface of some gas oven models.  It is black in color and comes with a built in spark electrode.  You will need to rotate or turn the burner counter clock wise one eighth of a turn to remove the burner head unit from the cooktop surface.  The manufacturer has updated the burner head and it no longer requires a gasket.  Reasons for replacing this part are: burner will not light or the enamel finish is cracked or worn off from heavy use.  Please be sure and enter your model number to make sure that this is the correct part for your specific appliance.

Jenn Air Oven Igniter

Part Number – WP7432P143-60

Bake / Broil igniter is used to ignite the gas to the oven burner.  If your gas oven will not lite or has little to no heat, the igniter will need to be visually inspected for a broken element or tested for continuity and should be replaced if needed.  Note: Please be sure to match the connector end with your igniter connector end.  Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to your appliance before you begin this repair.

Jenn Air Oven Radiant Surface Element 1200W

Part Number – WP8273994

This radiant heating element is used on the cooktop surface of some freestanding electric oven models.  When ordering this part please be sure to enter your model number to be certain that it is the correct part for your particular model of oven.

Touch up Paint – White

Part Number – 72017

This touch up paint can be used on the exterior of your white oven.  If your oven has unsightly scratches or chips this touch up paint will repair the damaged areas.  The paint is white in color and comes in a (6) fluid ounce bottle with a brush for an smooth touch up application.

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