The broil element is located in the top of the Kenmore oven compartment, it is used for cooking at high heat. The oven broil element will usually last longer than the bake element.


If you have noticed that the broil element in your Kenmore oven or range is not heating you will need to examine the element for any signs of obvious damage, such as blistering or bubbling on the broil elements smooth outer surface.  Are there any cracks or splits in the element?  Sometimes the element will break in half or melt in spots.  If you do not see any visual damage you will need to continue on with the next step testing the element for continuity.

Before proceeding any further always disconnect the electricity before working on any electrical appliances.  Disconnect the electricity to the oven.  This can be done by pulling the plug from the receptacle or flipping the breaker off.  Make sure the electricity is turned off to the unit.  USE  EXTREME CAUTION!  YOU ARE WORKING WITH 220 VOLTS.

To gain access to the broil element, open the oven door and remove the oven racks.  Begin by removing the screws that secure the element to the back of the oven’s cavity.  Slide the element forward and inspect the wires on the broil element terminals.  Make certain that the wires are not burnt or the terminal ends aren’t loose or burnt, remove the screws from the terminal ends or pull the wires off of the broil element terminals, which ever the case may be.  Using a multimeter set the Range scale to the lowest ohms setting.  Place the probes on the element terminals, there should be continuity.  The actual readings will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer according to the size of the unit and the wattage used, but the reading should generally be between 10 to 75 OHMS.  If you do not get a reading on the multimeter, the element does not have continuity and will need to be replaced with a new Kenmore broil element.


Testing A Broil Element For Continuity

Testing An Oven Broil Element For Continuity


Kenmore Oven Broil Element

Kenmore Oven Broil Element