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Kenmore Evaporator Fan Motor

OEM Part Number – WP2315539

This part is located in the back of the freezer compartment, it is used to circulate air over the refrigerator coils which converts heat from the coil into cold air that is then circulated throughout the appliance from its spinning fan.  The motor is located in the back of the freezer compartment.  Some signs that this part has failed are, fridge is noisy, fridge isn’t getting cold, freezer is warm, refrigerator and freezer are warm.  Remember to unplug your appliance before replacing this part.

Kenmore Thermal Fuse

OEM Part Number – WP3392519

The thermal fuse is also known as the thermal cutoff fuse and the temperature fuse.  The fuse is used as a safety mechanism, cutting off electricity to the dryer motor and the heating element to keep the appliance from getting too hot.  Once this fuse has blown it cannot be reused. If your fuse has blown, you will need to check for blockage or lint build up in the clothes dryer vent hose or ventilation system.  Before you install a new thermal fuse, only to have it blow again.  Please remember to unplug the unit before testing or replacing this part.

Kenmore Bake Element

OEM Part Number – WPW10308477

The bake element is located inside the bottom part of the oven’s cavity on some range models.  This is a genuine OEM bake element that has (2) flat push-on terminals.  Some common symptoms of a bad baking element are, the element will not heat, trips the circuit breakers when turned on or blows a fuse.  Please disconnect the electricity to the appliance before attempting to repair it.  Turn the breaker dedicated to the unit off or pull the main fuses.  Safety reminder: It is recommended that you wear gloves while troubleshooting and testing your range heating element.  just because the element is not glowing red hot, doesn’t mean that it is not hot, it can still burn you long after you have turned your appliance off.  You will want to give the range plenty of time to cool down before you begin to test or troubleshoot any parts.

Kenmore Thermal Cut Off Fuse Kit

OEM Parts Number – 279816

This is a genuine OEM thermal cut off fuse kit.  the cut off-fuse is used to prevent the appliance from overheating when the high limit thermostat has failed.  The parts kit includes (1) thermal cut-off fuse (309 degrees) (1) high-limit thermostat of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and the jumper wire.  The high limit thermostat and thermal cut-off fuse are both mounted on the heater housing.  Some common symptoms that these parts have failed are, the appliance gets too hot, takes too long to dry the laundry, no heat, will not start.  Remember to unplug the electricity to the unit before installing these replacement parts.  Please be sure to use your appliance model number to ensure that these are the correct parts for your specific model.

Kenmore Small Surface Element

OEM Part Number – WP660532

This small surface element is used on some electric stove cooktop surfaces.  The coil element measures 6 inches in diameter and has rolled or looped terminal ends.  If your appliance has a surface element that is not heating, it can be tested for continuity using a multi-meter.  If the element shows that it has continuity, the part is good, and you will need to test the element terminal and the surface element switch.  Please don’t forget to disconnect the electricity to your appliance before you begin the removal or replacement of any parts.

Kenmore Detergent Dispenser

OEM Part Number – WPW10224428

The detergent and rinse aid dispenser is located inside the dishwasher on the door.  The dispenser is used to hold detergent and rinse aid and dispense both of them during the wash cycles. Some common signs that the dispenser is not working is, the dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes, won’t dispense the detergent, the lid won’t latch, or the lid won’t open.

Kenmore Defrost Control Circuit Board

OEM Part Number – 4388931

Adaptive defrost control board.  This part is used on some fridge models to determine, when and how often the defrost mode should cycle.  Note: The defrost heater and the defrost thermostat should be tested with a multi-meter before replacing this part.  If both the defrost thermostat and heater test good, the control board has more than likely failed and will need to be replaced.  Please remember to unplug your appliance before you begin to service it.

Kenmore Lid Switch

OEM Part Number – WP8318084

This lid switch is used on some top load washing machines.  The switch is located under the control panel on the top of the appliance.  You will need to lift the control panel up and back away from the top of the machine to replace the lid switch.  Some signs that this part has failed are, the washing machine won’t start, timer will not advance, tub basket will not spin.  Please be sure to use the model number on your appliance to ensure that this is the correct part for your specific top load model.

Kenmore Water Inlet Valve

OEM Part Number – WP8531669

The water inlet valve assembly is located behind the kick plate on the lower left or right corner, depending on your model.  The inlet valve is used to supply and fill the dishwasher with water.  The main symptoms of a failed water valve are, appliance will not fill with water, is not cleaning the dishes, leaking water and loud.  Please remember to unplug the electrical cord to the appliance and turn off the water supply before you begin to replace this part.

Kenmore Drain Pump

OEM Part Number – WP3363394

This drain pump is used for a direct drive washer, meaning the pump is not belt driven, instead this part is connected directly to the clothes washer motor shaft.  The most common symptom that this part has failed is the machine will not pump the water from the tub after the wash cycle has finished.  Repair tip: check the pump ports and the impeller first for blockage or clogs, before replacing the pump with a new one.  Please use the model number to be shure that this is the correct replacement part for your specific appliance.

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