This 279838 heating element is used on many Whirlpool dryers, if your dryer has stopped heating, check the breaker dedicated for your dryer before suspecting the heating element is bad.


You will need to find the breaker box and the breaker that is dedicated for your dryer.  Flip the breaker off and on even if it looks like it is already on.  The dryer runs on 220 and if half of the two pole breaker is tripped the dryer motor will run on 110 but the heating element will not heat.  Make sure that you are getting 220 at the wall outlet plug.  Check the thermal fuse that is mounted on the blower housing for continuity.  If all of the above mentioned test good you will need to locate the heating element and visually check it for broken coils or burnt wires.  If it looks good you will need to test the heating element for continuity with an ohm meter.

If the test shows no continuity it is bad and will need to be replaced with a new 279838 heating element.  If the test shows it has continuity, the problem lies elsewhere and more tests will need to be performed.