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LG Dryer Idler Pulley Kit

Parts Number – 4561EL3002A

This OEM dryer idler pulley parts kit is used to keep tension on the dryer belt to spin the drum.  The idler pulley is located on the bottom of the clothes dryer and is mounted on the motor bracket.  If you have noticed loud noises or the dryers drum will not turn, you may need to replace these parts.  Please use your model number to make certain that these are the correct replacement parts to repair your appliance.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to your clothes dryer before attempting to repair it.

LG Dryer Flame Sensor

Part Number – 6501EL3001A

This flame sensor is used for a gas dryer.  The flame sensor is a safety device used to prevent high levels of gas from building up.  It senses heat emitted from the gas igniter and monitors if the igniter is hot enough to ignite the gas to  light the burner. This part can be tested for continuity using a Multimeter.  If your gas dryer is not heating you will need to test this sensor and replace it if it is bad.

LG Dryer Main Control Board

Part Number – EBR62707645

The main control board is used to control the electrical components within the dryer.  The circuit board controls when a certain component will come on, the time it stays on and when it shuts off during all of the timed cycles of the dryer.  If your dryer will not start this part will need to be tested or inspected for visual signs of damage.  Please enter your dryer model number when ordering this part.  Remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the dryer before attempting to fix it.

LG Electric Dryer Heating Element

Part Number – 5301EL1001J

This element is used for heating an electric dryer.  The heating element assembly comes  with the hi – limit thermostat and thermal fuse prewired on the element housing.  Note: Please check the element for continuity before replacing it.  If your electric dryer is not heating it may be that the safety thermal fuse has blown.  Always remember to disconnect your clothes dryer before attempting to make any repairs.

LG Dryer Drum Roller

Parts Number – 4581EL2002C

This OEM dryer drum roller support assembly is used to help support the drum inside the dryer while it spins.  This assembly comes complete with (1) roller, (1) threaded shaft/axel and (2) retaining clips to secure the roller onto the axel.  If your dryer is noisy, making a thumping or knocking sound these parts may need to be replaced.  Note: Inspect all of the drum rollers for looseness and sloppiness.  It is suggested replacing all of the rollers at the same time for even wear.  Please remember to unplug your clothes dryer before replacing these parts.

LG Dryer Door Switch

Part Number – 6601EL3001A

This switch is located just inside of the dryer door at the 12:00 position.  The switch tells the dryer when the door is closed.  If your dryer will not start the switch should be tested and replaced, if need be.  The only tool needed for this repair is a regular flat tip screw driver to help lift the old switch from the dryer door opening.  Remember to unplug your clothes dryer before replacing this switch.

LG Gas Dryer Igniter

Part Number – 5318EL3001A

This ignitor is used to heat up and ignite the gas into flame inside the burner for heat in a gas dryer.  This replacement OEM igniter comes with a wire harness connection and metal mounting bracket.  The most common symptoms that the ignitor has failed are, the dryer will not heat, the gas will not light, clothes are not getting dry.  Note: This is a fragile part and can be broken very easily, please handle it with care while installing.   Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the dryer before attempting to repair it.

LG Dryer Electronic Control Board

Part Number – EBR36858802

The control board is used to control most of the electronic functions within the dryer.  This board corresponds with the electronic components during the clothes dryer’s various cycles.  Please use your model number when ordering this part to ensure it is the correct replacement part for your particular model of clothes dryer and always remember to unplug or disconnect your appliance from its electrical power source before attempting to replace any parts.

LG Dryer Drum Seal

Part Number – 4036EL3001A

This felt seal is used on the lip of the dryer drum.  Note: You will need to use hi temperature adhesive when installing the seal onto the drum.  This item is sold separately, part # WPY055980.

LG Dryer Blower Wheel

Part Number – 5835EL1002A

This blower wheel is located inside the back of the dryer in the blower wheel housing.  It is mounted onto the motor shaft and is used to blow hot air into the clothes dryer drum.  Some common symptoms that a blower wheel has failed are, the dryer is making loud noises, laundry is taking too long to dry, no air circulation throughout the dryer.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the dryer before attempting to repair it.  Please be sure to use the model number to insure that this is the correct part for your specific appliance model.

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