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LG Door Seal Gasket

OEM Part Number – MDS47123601

This Replacement gasket is used to form a watertight seal between the door of the appliance and the tub.  This part is often referred to as the door boot or washer bellow and can develop a tear or rip over time and leak water onto the floor.  The main cause of damage to a door seal is from overloading the washing machine with laundry.  Please be sure to use the model number on your machine while searching for your washer bellow.  Note: These door bellows can often look alike but will not fit or function on your particular front load washing machine model.

LG Drain Pump

OEM Part Number – 5859EA1004F

The drain pump is used on a top load model washer to pump the water out through the drain hose.  Helpful tip: Be sure to check the pump ports and the drain hose for obstructions, clogs or kinks before replacing your washer pump with a new component.  Please use your model number to be sure that this is the correct replacement part for your specific appliance model.

LG Surface Switch Knobs – White

OEM Parts Number – AGM73689603

This repair kit includes (5) replacement range knobs, these knobs are white in color and accept a (D) shaped shaft.  The knobs are used on the range surface element switches for controlling and setting the desired amount of heat for cooking.  Reasons for replacing these parts are they have become discolored, broken, will no longer come clean or the temperature indicator has worn off.  Please enter your model number to ensure that these are the correct replacement parts for your specific appliance.

LG Surface Element

OEM Part Number – MEE33069801

This dual radiant heating element component is located beneath the cooktop surface on some range models.  This element is used for some electric ranges that have (2) surface elements manufactured into (1) assembly.  The element cannot or should not be repaired, if this part is not heating it should be tested and replaced if needed.  Safety note: Be mindful that some range parts can hold residual heat for quite a while after the unit has been turned off.  It is suggested that you wear gloves to protect your hands while inspecting or testing any of your ranges heating elements.  Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical source designated to your appliance before attempting to fix it or replace any parts.

LG Broiling Element

OEM Part Number – MEE36592904

This replacement broiling element is also known as the top heating element and broiler element.  If your electric range does not broil this element will need to be tested for continuity.  First you can check for visual signs of damage on the part by looking for burnt marks, charred or arching marks, blistering, bubbles, cracks or even a broken element.  If any of the mentioned damage is present the element will need to be replaced.  Please remember to disconnect the electricity to your appliance before attempting to replace any parts or make any repairs.

LG Heating Element

OEM Part Number – 5301EL1001J

This element is used for heating an electric dryer.  The heating element assembly comes with the hi – limit thermostat and thermal fuse prewired on the element housing.  Note: Please check the element for continuity before replacing it.  If your electric dryer is not heating it may be that only the safety thermal fuse has blown.  Remember to disconnect the electricity to your appliance before you begin to make any repairs.

LG Door Switch

OEM Part Number – EBF61315802

Door switch.  This component is used on a washer to lock the door when the appliance is operating.  The door switch communicates the status of the door to the main control board.  If your washing machine won’t start a cycle or stops in the middle of a cycle the door switch could be broken and should be tested and replaced if needed.  Please remember to unplug your machine before replacing this part.

LG Knobs – Stainless Steel

OEM Part Number – AGM73689604

The parts kit included (5) range replacement knobs that are used on some stainless-steel ranges.  Note: Please compare these replacement knobs with your old range knobs before ordering.  These knobs only fit on a (D) shaped shaft.  Some knobs may look identical to these, but they will not fit or function properly on your specific appliance model.

LG Flame Sensor

OEM Part Number – 6501EL3001A

Flame sensor.  This part is used for a gas dryer.  The flame sensor is a safety device used to prevent high levels of gas from building up.  It senses heat emitted from the gas igniter and monitors if the igniter is hot enough to ignite the gas to light the burner. This part can be tested for continuity using a Multimeter.  If your gas dryer is not heating, you will need to test this sensor and replace it if it is broken.  You will need to be sure and disconnect the electricity designated to your appliance before replacing this part.

LG Gas Igniter

OEM Part Number – MEE61841401

The igniter is used for a gas oven.  The igniter is mounted under the burner shield inside the bottom of the oven cavity, beside the gas burner tube.  If your oven will not heat or the gas will not light to flame, this electrical component will need to be tested or visually inspected for damage and be replaced, if it is broken.  Remember to unplug your appliance before fixing it.  You will want to be sure and use the model number on your appliance to be certain that this is the correct replacement part to repair your specific model.

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