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LG Washer Shock Absorber W/ Pins

Parts Number – 383EER3001V

This replacement parts kit comes with (2) pins that are used to hold the shock absorber into place on the washer.  If your front load washer shakes, vibrates and moves around these parts may need to be replaced to repair the washer.  Be sure to use the model number on your appliance to ensure that these are the correct parts for your specific washing machine.

LG Washer Drain Pump

Part Number – 5859EA1004G

This pump is used to help drain the water from a top load washer.  The pump is located on the bottom right back corner of the washer where the drain hose enters the washing machine.  The most common complaints of a broken drain pump are, washer won’t drain, makes noise when draining, leaking water.  Please remember to unplug the electrical cord to the appliance before making this repair.

LG Washer Inlet Valve

Part Number – 5220FR2008F

This water inlet valve is used on your washer to supply the correct amount of water to the tub inside the washer.  If your washing machine will not fill with water, fills slow or continues filling after it is full you could need to replace this part.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the washing machine before attempting to repair it.

LG Washer Main Control Board

Part Number – EBR64144902

This main control board is used to control most all of the functions within the washer.  It communicates with various parts in the washing machine and activates them as needed for each wash cycle, such as, when and how long to rinse, wash, spin and drain.  Please unplug your machine before attempting to make any repairs on it.

LG Washer Door Seal Gasket

Part Number – MDS47123601

This gasket is used on some front load washers to form a water tight seal between the door of the washer and the tub.  This part is often referred to as the door boot or washer bellow and can develop a tear or rip over time and leak water onto the floor.  The main cause of damage to a door seal/gasket is over loading the washing machine with laundry.  Please be sure to use the model number on your machine while ordering this part.  These door seals can often look alike but will not fit or function on your particular front load washing machine model.

LG Washer Drain Pump

Part Number – 5859EA1004F

This drain pump is used on a top load model washer to pump the water out through the drain hose.  Tip: Be sure to check the pump ports and drain hose for obstructions, clogs or kinks before replacing your pump.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the washer before attempting to repair it.  Please use your model number to be sure that this is the correct part for your specific appliance model.

LG Washer Control Board

Part Number – EBR67466109

The main control board is used to control most of the functions of the washer.  The control board does this by communicating with other electrical parts in the washing machine and activating a certain part when it is needed during the cycles of the washer.  You will want to be sure and use the model number on your machine to be certain that this is the correct part for your appliance.  Note: you will need to take extra precautions while handling this control board, it is a very delicate electrical part.  Before making this repair please make sure that your unit is disconnected from its electrical power source.

LG Washer Door Lock Switch

Part Number – EBF61315802

This door lock switch is used on a front load washer to lock the door when the washer is operating.  The door switch communicates the status of the door to the main control board.  If your front load washing machine won’t start a cycle or stops in the middle of a cycle the door switch should be tested for continuity, if the switch does not have continuity it is faulty and will need to be replaced.  Please remember to unplug your appliance before you begin to make this repair.

LG Washer Water Inlet Valve

Part Number – 5221EA1008P

This inlet valve is used to supply the washer with water.  If your washing machine takes longer than usual to fill with water, has no hot water, cold water or little to no water, the water inlet valve should be tested and replaced if needed.  Please remember to turn off both the hot and cold water supplies to the machine and unplug your appliance from its electrical source before attempting to repair it.

LG Washer Main PCB Board

Part Number – EBR38163341

This PCB Board – printed circuit control board is used for a washer.  It is the main brain of the washer also referred to as the mother board.  Please enter your model number to be sure that this is the correct part for your particular model washing machine.   Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the appliance before attempting to repair it.

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