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Maytag Agitator Repair Kit

OEM Part Number – 285751

Top load washer agitator parts kit.  This replacement parts kit comes with four directional cogs, also known as dog ears.  The kit also comes with the agitator cam.  The main symptoms that these agitator parts have failed are, the top part of the agitator will not catch and rotate properly, the top half of the agitator should catch and ratchet in one direction when the washing machine is in the wash cycle.  If you have noticed that the top part of the agitator in your top load washer will not agitate these genuine OEM replacement parts should repair the problem.  Please be sure to enter the model number located on your washing machine when ordering this parts kit, to ensure that these are the correct replacement parts for your specific appliance model.

Maytag Surface Burner 6″

OEM Part Number – WP660532

The small surface burner is used on the cooktop surface of an electric range.  If your surface element is not heating the part can be tested for continuity using a multi-meter.  Safety note: Be mindful that some range parts can hold residual heat for quite a while after the appliance has been turned off.  It is suggested wearing gloves while testing or replacing any heating elements or burner parts.

Maytag Touch up Paint – White

OEM Part Number – 72017

This touch up paint can be used on the exterior of your white appliance.  If you have an electric or gas appliance that has unsightly chips and scratches this OEM touch up paint will repair the damaged areas.  The paint is white in color and comes in a (6) fluid ounce bottle with a brush for an easy touch up application.

Maytag Water Inlet Valve

OEM Part Number – WP2315576

Single water inlet valve.  This part is used to control the flow of water into the icemaker mold, when activated, it is solenoid operated.  When it is energized the water in the supply line will pass through the valve body and into the ice mold.  Symptoms of a water inlet valve that has failed are, leaking water, no water to the icemaker, icemaker won’t make ice.  Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power cord to your appliance before you begin to repair it.  You will also want to make sure and turn off the water source to your refrigerator before removing the old part.

Maytag Gas Igniter Kit

OEM Parts Number – 279311

This is an authentic OEM gas dryer igniter kit that comes with a new bracket, (2) wire nuts and the mounting screw.  The parts kit can replace both flat and round igniters.  The igniter is located inside of the burner assembly.  Some common signs that the ignitor has failed are, the clothes dryer will not heat, takes too long to heat.  Note: you will need to take extra precautions while handling this igniter, it is a very fragile part.  Please remember to unplug the electrical cord to your appliance before you begin to replace this part.

Maytag Temperature Sensor

OEM Part Number – 12001656

The temperature sensor is located inside the oven compartment.  The temperature sensor is used to measure and regulate the internal temperature inside of the oven cavity.  The sensor is approximately 6″ long and comes with (2) wire harness adaptors and installation instructions.

Maytag Surface Burner Head – Black

OEM Part Number – WP3412D024-09

The burner head is located on the surface of your gas range.  It is black in color and comes with a spark electrode.  Note: You will need to rotate / turn the burner counterclockwise an eighth of a turn to remove the burner head unit from the cooktop surface.  The manufacturer has updated the burner head and it no longer requires a gasket / seal.  Reasons for replacing this part are: The burner will not light, or the enamel finish is cracked or worn off from use.  Please be sure and enter your model number to make sure that this is the correct OEM replacement part for your specific appliance model.

Maytag Heating Element

OEM Part Number – 279838

This heating element is 240 volts 5400 watts, it is located inside the back of the appliance and is attached to the heater housing.  If your electric dryer is not heating, you will need to test the thermal fuse first, it is located on the blower housing, if the thermal fuse is good then you will need to check for loose or burnt wires or a break in the heating element coils.  If the coils have a break in them, the heating element will need to be replaced with a new one.  Please disconnect the electrical power source to the appliance before attempting to repair it.  Be sure and enter the model number to be certain that this is the correct part for your specific electric appliance.

Maytag Ice Bucket Assembly

OEM Part Number – WPW10312300

Ice container/bucket with auger.  This is a genuine OEM ice bucket that is used to catch and store ice in the freezer that is produced from the icemaker.  The auger inside of the ice bucket is used to rotate and move the ice cubes forward to the ice dispenser.  The new auger may be made of either metal or plastic depending on which factory produced these parts.

Maytag Igniter

OEM Part Number – WP7432P143-60

The bake/broil igniter is used to ignite the gas to the oven burner.  If your gas oven will not turn on or has little to no heat this part will need to be visually inspected or tested and should be replaced, if needed.  Note: Please be sure to match the connector with the old part. Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electrical power source and turn the gas off to the gas range before you start this repair.  It is recommended that you enter your model number to make sure this is the correct replacement part for your specific gas appliance.

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