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Maytag Oven Temperature Sensor

Part Number – WPW10181986

This oven sensor works in conjunction with the oven main control board to regulate and measure the temperature in the oven.  If you have noticed the oven temperature is inaccurate or fluctuates by 50 degrees or more, the sensor is more than likely defective and will need to be replaced with a new part.  Please be sure to use your model number when searching for parts, to be sure that it is the correct part for your particular oven.

Maytag Oven Bake Element

Parts Number – WPW10308477

This bake element part is used for many Maytag electric oven models, it is located inside the bottom of the oven’s cavity and is used for baking with.  This is an authentic replacement OEM bake element that has (2) flat male push-on terminals.  Some common symptoms of a bad oven bake element are, the element will not heat up, trips the circuit breakers when turned on or blows a fuse.  Always disconnect the electrical power source to the oven before you begin to repair it.  Turn the breaker dedicated to the appliance off or pull the fuses.  Be safe!

Maytag Oven Thermal Fuse

Part Number – WP3196548

This thermal fuse is used as a safety device in case the oven should overheat. This fuse will shut the oven off to prevent a fire.  Please remember to unplug or disconnect the electricity to your appliance before making this repair.

Maytag Oven Broil Element

Part Number – W10856603

This broil element is located on the top of the oven cavity and used for broiling.  The element is often used to help preheat an electric oven faster for baking.  If this part is bad you should be able to see some visual damage, such as, blistering, bubbles, burned marks, burnt or melted terminal ends.  You can test the element for continuity with an OHM meter.  Remember to disconnect the electricity to your appliance before servicing it.  Safety reminder: Please give your oven plenty of time to cool down before you remove or test any parts.  Some oven parts can hold heat for quite a while and can still burn you long after you have turned the unit off.

Maytag Gas Oven Bake / Broil Igniter

Part Number – WP8054129

This part is used to ignite the oven gas burner with its spark electrode.  It is the ignition device for the bake or broil setting on your gas oven.  The most common symptom of a bad igniter is, the burner will not light.  Please remember to disconnect your appliance from its electrical power source and turn off the gas before attempting to repair it.

Maytag Oven Surface Burner 8″

Part Number – WP660533

This surface coil burner is used on the cooktop surface of an electric oven.  The surface burner is 2600 watts and measures 8″ in diameter.  It has a five turn coil with rolled terminal ends.  If your surface element is not heating you can test the part for continuity with a multi-meter.  If the element has continuity you will need to test the surface element switch and the element terminal.

Maytag Gas Oven Safety Valve

Part Number – WPW10293048
This gas valve is used on a gas oven to sense a desired amount of heat.
 Once it has sensed the desired amount of heat it will open the valve to
let the gas flow to the oven burner where it will then be ignited into
flame and used to heat the oven.   Always unplug or disconnect the
electrical power source to the unit before attempting to repair it.

Maytag Oven Surface Heating Element 6″

Part Number – WPW10345407

This heating element measures 6″ and is used on the cooktop surface of the oven for cooking.  It is a three turn coil element with rolled terminal ends to push in or pull out of the oven receptacle.  Always unplug or disconnect the electrical power source to the oven before attempting to repair or replace any parts.  Please be sure and use your model number on your appliance to ensure that this is the correct part for your particular oven.

Maytag Oven Surface Element 6″

Part Number – WP660532

This surface element is used for an electric oven on the cooktop surface.  This element measures 6″ in diameter and has rolled terminal ends.  If the element is not heating it can be tested for continuity using a multi-meter.  If the surface element has continuity the part is good and you will need to test the element terminal and the surface element switch.  Always disconnect the electrical power source to the appliance before attempting to remove or replace any parts.

Touch up Paint – White

Part Number – 72017

This touch-up paint can be used on the exterior of your white gas or electric oven.  If your oven has unsightly chips or scratches, this touch-up paint will repair the damaged areas.  The paint is white in color and comes in a (6) fluid ounce bottle with a brush for an easy touch-up application to your appliance.

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