Ovens should be kept clean from spills that happen when baking pies, casseroles or just about any food that may bubble and spill over while baking.  I learned this the hard way when after baking Christmas cookies for several hours my accumulation of baked on stuff began to melt eventually filling my whole house with smoke and causing the smoke alarm to go off.

I really don’t like to scrub my oven floor and decided to find an easy way to keep it clean.  There are many disposable oven floor liners that can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Amazon and Target.  Research which type you are buying and if your oven has a hidden bottom heating element, self cleaning mode or an oven fan.  Take these features into consideration when choosing the correct liner for your particular oven.

Oven liners are made from different materials, one of the most common being a food-grade silicone which is non-stick and heat tolerant.  Some have a Teflon coating or PTFE.

Always remove the liner from your oven if you use your self-cleaning program.

Oven liners are usually safe up too 500F (260C) but don’t use above what the manufacturer specifies.

If you need to trim the liner do so leaving 1″ from the edge of the oven floor and be certain not to cover up any air vents.  Installing the oven liner is quite easy, simply make certain that oven is turned off and the baking elements are cool to the touch, remove your oven baking racks and raise the bottom bake element then slide your new oven liner into place.

Aluminum foil is not suggested because it could possibly melt or flop around in the oven.

Some liners can be cleaned with soap and water and some you may just want to discard.

You are now on your way to keeping a much cleaner oven floor the easy way.