Electric igniters spark the surface burners on a gas stove/range.  When you turn the burner on the igniter produces a clicking sound which should stop once the flame appears.


When you turn on your gas stove or range burner but it won’t quit clicking or ticking there are simple repairs but also difficult parts repairs.  Not all repairs are for one model of stove so check your owners manual for your specific model instructions.

If your burner is clicking but not igniting check to make certain the burner cap is centered on the base.  If clicking is still an issue check to determine if any liquids have been spilled on the cooktop or is it possible that there may be a draft in the area.

A clicking sound will occur if there is no gas, check to see that the gas supply is open to the burner.  If the burner ports on your stove are clogged this may prevent ignition and your ignitor may continue clicking.  If that is the problem you can clean out debris and buildup from the ports using a metal pin.

If moisture is in the burner ports the burner won’t ignite.  Turn off the gas supply and use a hairdryer set on the cool cycle to dry the burners.

A weak igniter or intermittent igniter spark means you will need a new spark module.  If some burners spark but some don’t it’s usually an indication that the spark ignition switch may need to be replaced.

Bad spark electrodes can be the cause of constant clicking.  This may be something that you may prefer calling a qualified appliance repair person to fix.