A convection fan in your oven circulates the air and keeps the temperature more even.  It helps cook food faster because the circulating air transfers heat faster to the food being baked in the oven.

Replacing the convection fan motor is a relatively simple procedure.  Unplug the power cord or turn off the power supply at the breaker box.  Remove the oven door by opening the door and pulling both door hinge locks toward you.  Raise the door slightly and pull it toward you to completely remove the door.

Place the door on something soft with the handle side down.  Remove all oven racks then remove all screws from the fan cover.  Turn the fan motor assembly around to face you and remove the wires connected to the convection element, disconnect the wire connector for a complete release of the assembly.

Install the new convection fan motor assembly connecting the wire connector first then attach wires to terminals and place the assembly on the back of the oven.  Replace the fan cover and replace all of the screws around the cover.  Replace oven racks and  replace oven door by inserting the door hinges into the door slots, holding the door at an angle and lower the door to its fully open position and push the hinge locks forward into place.

Plug the power cord back in or switch power supply back on.

Job Completed!