Before installing the new drawer in your refrigerator make sure the new drawer is the proper replacement part for your model refrigerator.

Check all of the drawer slide rails/glides in the refrigerator to make sure that they are intact and are not broken or have become loose from the refrigerator interior wall.  If they have become loose you will need to tighten them.  Make sure they are secured before the new refrigerator drawer is installed.  If broken, they will need to be replaced.






Make certain the slide rails or glides are cleared of all foreign objects such as food, sticky substances such as jellies, syrup etc.  Removing this might require warm water and scrubbing the groves or slots out with a soft scrub brush.

Once you have made sure the refrigerator drawer slide rails/glides are not damaged and are cleaned and secured or fastened correctly, you can proceed to install the new refrigerator drawer.  Go ahead and give the new drawer a few test runs pulling/pushing it in and out a few times before loading it with food.