The glass shelf in my refrigerator just broke and shattered, it literally exploded into thousands of tiny pieces all inside of the refrigerator.


While I was cleaning out my refrigerator and getting rid of leftovers, out of date condiment jars and bottles, I noticed a glass jar of apricot preserves in the very back that I haven’t seen in months.  It was on the very bottom shelf so I reached in and grabbed the jar but it wouldn’t budge.  I should have stopped and taken the shelf out with the jar stuck to it right then but I didn’t.

The shelf just slips right out of the brackets, but me in my infinite wisdom, reached back in for another go at it and grabbed the jar to give it a good tug toward me.  Just as soon as I gave the jar a tug I heard a shattering explosion of glass.  The shelf just disappeared before my eyes into thousands of tiny pieces and scared the bejeebies out of me.  So there I am holding an old jar of apricot preserves and still in shock.

Looking at the huge mess I just made, all I could think about was I wish I had a do over and wanted to kick myself.  Well, it is what it is, can’t  turn back time,

just turned a fifteen minute job into a costly few hours.  After getting all of the tiny glass pieces cleaned out of the refrigerator with a shop vac, wiping and cleaning the refrigerator out really well, I replaced all of the drawers, brackets and shelves, except for one, of course, lol !

My refrigerator is about twenty years old and I didn’t think that I would be able to find a replacement shelf for a refrigerator that old.  I was shocked when I typed the make and model number into a web search and the exact replacement part was still available for my twenty year old refrigerator.  I ordered the shelf for $57.92, shipping included, and received the new shelf in three days.  I installed it in the refrigerator and it fit perfectly.  Now everytime I see a jar of jam or preserves I am reminded of this costly experience.