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Roper Surface Element 8″

OEM Part Number – WP660533

The large surface coil element is used on the cooktop surface part of an electric range.  This authentic OEM surface burner is 2600 watts and measures 8 inches in diameter and has a five-turn heating coil with rolled terminal ends.  If your range has a surface element that is not heating, you can test the element for continuity using a multi-meter.  Please be aware: that some range parts can hold their heat for quite a while after you have turned the appliance off.  It is suggested that you wear gloves while performing tests or inspecting any of your range surface elements, to prevent yourself from getting burned.  If the element shows that it has continuity you will need to test the surface element switch also known and the infinite switch, also check the elements terminal block for damage.  Please remember to disconnect the electricity to your appliance before performing any tests or replacing any parts.

Roper Drain Pump

OEM Part Number – WP3363394

This authentic OEM pump is used for a direct drive washer, meaning that the pump is not belt driven, instead the pump is connected directly to the washing machines motor shaft.  The common symptom that this part has failed is the washer will not pump the water from the tub after the wash cycle has finished.  Repair tip, check the pump ports and the impeller for blockage or clogs, before replacing the pump with a new one.

Roper Temperature Sensor

OEM Part Number – WPW10181986

This sensor works in conjunction with the ovens main control board to regulate and measure the temperature inside of the oven compartment.  If you have noticed that your ovens temperature is inaccurate or fluctuates by 50 degrees or more, the temperature sensor is more than likely defective and will need to be replaced with a new part.  Please be sure to use your model number to be certain that this is the correct OEM replacement part for your specific appliance.

Roper Door Switch

OEM Part Number – WP8269209

This switch is used to detect when the dishwasher door is in the opened or closed position, so the dishwasher can start or turn off.  If the door switch is bad the dishwasher will not start.

Roper Gas Safety Valve

OEM Part Number – WPW10293048
This gas valve is used on a gas stove to sense a desired amount of heat.
Once it has sensed the desired amount of heat it will open the valve to
let the gas flow to the burner where it will then be ignited into
flame and used to heat the stove.  Please remember to disconnect the
electricity and turn the gas off to the unit before you begin this repair.

Touch-up Paint (White)

OEM Part Number – 72017

This touch-up paint can be used on the metal console of a white appliance.  If your range, refrigerator, washing machine or dryer has unsightly chips or scratches, this touch-up paint will fix the damaged areas.  The paint is white in color and comes in a 6 fluid ounce bottle with a brush for a smooth, easy touch-up application.

Roper Gas Igniter Kit

OEM Parts Number – 279311

This gas dryer igniter kit comes with a bracket, (2) wire nuts and the mounting screw.  The parts kit can replace both flat and round igniters. The igniter is located inside of the burner assembly.  Some common signs that the ignitor has failed are, the clothes dryer will not heat or takes too long to heat.  Note: you will need to take extra precautions while handling this igniter, it is a very fragile part.  Please be sure and enter your model number to ensure that this is the correct part for your specific gas appliance.

Roper Surface Heating Element 6″

OEM Part Number – WPW10345407

This heating element measures 6 inches and is used on the cooktop surface of some electric range models, for cooking.  It is a three-turn coil element with rolled terminal ends to push in or pull out of the oven receptacle.  Remember to disconnect the electricity to the unit before you begin to service it.  Please be sure and use the model number on your appliance to ensure that this is the correct OEM part for your particular model.

Roper Broiling Element

OEM Part Number – W10856603

This broiling element is located inside the top part of the oven cavity in some oven models, and it is used to broil with.  Sometimes the broiler element is used to help preheat an oven faster.  If your element is bad, you should be able to visually see some damage, such as, blistering, bubbles, burn marks, burnt or melted element terminal ends.  If none of the mentioned damage is found, you can test the element for continuity with an OHM meter.  If your element shows that it has continuity, then the element is good, and more troubleshooting will need to be performed.  Please be cautious of hot parts while performing these tests and be sure that the electricity has been disconnected to the appliance before you remove or replace any parts.

Roper Lid Switch

OEM Part Number – WP8318084

This switch is used for a top load washer, the switch is located under the control panel on the top of the washer.  You will need to lift the control panel up and back away from the top of the washing machine to replace the lid switch.  Some signs that this part has failed are, the washing machine won’t start, timer will not advance, tub basket will not spin.  Please don’t forget to turn off the electricity to your appliance, before you begin the removal or replacement of any parts.

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