Samsung Oven Parts

Surface Burner Switch

Part Number – DG44-01001A

This switch is used to control the small 6-inch burner element on the surface of an oven cooktop.  The most typical complaints associated with a defective surface burner switch are, the burner element will not heat up or heats sporadically.  Please make sure to disconnect the electricity designated to your oven before you begin to replace this part.

Bake Element

Part Number – WP74010750

The bake element is located inside the bottom part of an electric oven and used for baking with.  If your ovens element is not heating up, you will need to check it for damage.  Such as blistering, burnt marks, breaks in the element, also check the terminal ends of the bake element for damage and good connections as well.  Safety note: Please be mindful that some oven parts can retain heat for quite a while after the unit has been turned off.  Just because an element doesn’t look hot, does not mean that it isn’t hot and can still burn you.  It is suggested that you wear gloves while troubleshooting or performing tests on any of your oven parts.  If you do not see any visual damage, you can test the part for continuity by using a multi-meter.  If the element does not show that it has continuity, it will need to be replaced.  Please disconnect the electricity to your appliance before you begin any repair procedures.

Dual Radiant Surface Element

Part Number – DG47-00022A

This radiant element is located beneath the glass cooktop surface on some electric oven models.  Please remember to always disconnect the electricity designated to your appliance before attempting to repair it.

Oven Gas Burner Head with Electrode

Part Number – WP3412D021-26

This sealed burner head with a spark electrode is used for the cooktop surface on some gas oven models.  The burner head is grey in color.  If the burner head on your ovens stove top is no longer working properly it may have failed and will need to be replaced.  Please be sure and use the model number on your appliance to ensure that this is the correct part for your specific unit.

Broil Element

Part Number – DG47-00037A

This broil element is located inside the top part of the oven and is used for broiling food with.  The broil element is often used to help preheat the oven for a much faster cooking time.  If your element is bad, you should be able to see some kind of visual damage, such as blistering, burnt marks, bubbles or melted terminal ends.  The element can be tested for continuity by using either an analog or digital multi-meter.  If your element does not show that it has continuity it is bad and it will need to be replaced with a new one.  When ordering this part, please use your model number to ensure that this is the correct part for your specific appliance model.

Oven Control Board

Part Number – DE92-03045A

This control board is located behind the top face plate on the oven and is used to control most of the functions within the oven.  It controls the timer, timed bake and the broiler.  Please use your model number to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance.  Note: you will need to take extra precautions while handling the oven control board, it is a fragile part.

Radiant Heating Element

Part Number – W10823711

This is the small 6-inch radiant heating element located beneath the glass cooktop surface on an oven.  This surface element comes with a limiter and is 1200 watts.

Temperature Sensor

Part Number – WPW10181986

This temperature sensor works in conjunction with the ovens main control board, it regulates and measures the temperature inside of the oven.  If you have noticed that the temperature in your oven is inaccurate or fluctuates by 50 degrees or better, then the oven sensor is more than likely defective, and it will need to be replaced with a new one.  Please be sure to enter your model number to insure this is the correct part for your particular model of oven.

Surface Burner – Black

Part Number – WP3412D021-09

Sealed surface burner, used on the cook top surface of some gas oven models.  The burner head comes with a built-in spark electrode, and it is black in color.  If a surface burner on your oven’s cooktop has failed to work properly, the burner may need to be replaced.

Oven Bake Element

Part Number – DG47-00038B

This bake element is used for an oven and is located inside the bottom part of the oven compartment.  This element has two flat spade terminals that push on.  Some common symptoms of a bad bake element are, the element will not heat up, trips the circuit breakers when turned on or blows the fuse.  Please use the model number on your oven to insure this is the correct part for your specific model.  Don’t forget to disconnect the electricity to the unit before you begin to repair it.

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