Stove/Oven/Range Knobs

Stove/Oven/Range Knobs

If the knobs on your stove, oven or range are no longer readable, why not replace them with new, shiny and readable control knobs.

Many times we are so busy cooking and cleaning up afterwards that we may neglect to take a few minutes to wipe clean the control knobs that may have been spattered with grease or whatever it was that we were cooking.  After time the numbers will begin to slowly disappear  and it may be difficult to keep the stove burners at the correct cooking temperature.

If your stove knobs are no longer readable then it’s time to replace them and this is very easy to do.  Locate your model number, order the knobs and once you have them in your possession begin work removing the old knobs.

Turn the knob to the off position and make certain the burner is off.  Grasp the knob with your hand and pull it forward and away from the stove.  If it’s not budging because it has grease buildup behind it you can use a non-greasy lubricant to spray behind it.  You can also take a flat, thin tool or a butter knife, nothing sharp, run it behind the knob and work around it carefully with the tool or knife.  Normally they are not difficult to remove.  After removing the knob, be sure to clean the surface and the stem behind the knob.

Once you have the knobs removed you can align the replacement knob on the stem of your stove where the old knob was and gently press the new replacement knob into it’s correct position.  Rotate the knob fully to make certain it goes thru each temperature setting.  If you are replacing a knob on a gas stove you will need  to turn it on and listen for the pilot light to ignite.