If your top load Whirlpool washer will not agitate, it might be that the directional cogs or “dogs” are worn out. This is a common problem and a cheap simple fix.


If you take your hands and rotate the agitator, it should go in one direction only.  It will move to the right, stop and move to the right again.  It should not spin freely or go right and left.  If the agitator is not moving properly then it’s time to install new agitator directional cogs because they are probably worn out.

Using a 1/4″ or 3/8″ socket set and some needle nose pliers begin by removing the fabric softener cup, just pull up on it until it pops off of the agitator.  Next, remove the inner cap and seal inside the agitator using your needle nose pliers.  Using a 7/16″ socket and ratchet, remove the bolt in the center of the agitator.

Separate the barrel of the agitator from the base by simply pulling up on the barrel.  You will now have access to the cam and dog assembly inside.  Remove

Whirlpool Washer directional cogs, Agitator Parts

the black retainer from around the cam, lift off the directional cogs and taking notice of how they fit in the cam, replace them with new ones.  Slide the retainer back on until it clicks.

Reinsert the cam back into the agitator barrel and reinsert the bolt in the center.  Replace cap and gasket assembly pressing on it firmly until it snaps into place.  Next, replace the fabric softener dispenser and your ready to go.