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Whirlpool Door Catch Kit

OEM Part Number – 279570

These parts work together to keep the door closed on the appliance.  This is an authentic OEM part kit that comes with (3) different plastic replacement door catches and (2) metal strikes.  You will need to choose the correct door catch for your specific model.  The plastic catch is mounted in the dryer door and the metal strike is mounted onto the door opening on the appliance.  Some common symptoms of a broken door catch are, the dryer will not start, shuts off in the middle of a drying cycle, door won’t stay closed.

Whirlpool Surface Burner 8″

OEM Part Number – WP660533

This replacement burner is used on the cooktop surface of an electric range.  The surface burner is 2600 watts, measures 8 inches in diameter, it has a five-turn coil with rolled terminal ends and is an authentic OEM replacement part. If you have a surface element that is not heating, you can test the part for continuity with a multi-meter.  If the element shows that it has continuity you will need to test for a broken surface element switch or element terminal block.

Whirlpool Detergent Dispenser

OEM Part Number – WPW10224428

This part is an authentic OEM detergent and rinse aid dispenser.  It is located on the inside of the dishwasher’s door.  The dispenser is used to hold detergent and rinse aid and dispense both during the wash and rinse cycles. Some common signs that the dispenser is not working are, the dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes, won’t dispense detergent, lid won’t latch, lid won’t open.  Please unplug or disconnect the electricity before removing the broken dispenser.  You will want to be sure and use your model number to ensure that this is the correct part for your particular appliance model.

Whirlpool Flame Sensor

OEM Part Number – WP338906

This is a genuine OEM component that is used on a gas dryer as a safety device.  The sensor is used to prevent high levels of gas from building up, it senses the heat that is emitted from the igniter and monitors if it is hot enough to ignite the gas and light the gas burner.  Some signs that the flame sensor has failed are, the clothes dryer takes too long to heat up or is not getting hot at all.  Please be sure to use the appliance model number to be sure that it is the correct part for your specific model.

Whirlpool Thermal Cut Off

OEM Part Number – 279816

These components are used to prevent the appliance from overheating when the high limit thermostat has failed.  This is a genuine OEM parts kit that includes (1) thermal cut-off fuse (309 degrees) (1) high-limit thermostat of (250 degrees) Fahrenheit and the jumper wire.  The high limit thermostat and thermal cut-off fuse are both mounted on the clothes dryer heater housing.  Some common symptoms that these parts have failed are, the dryer gets too hot, takes too long to dry the laundry, no heat or will not start.  Remember to unplug the electrical cord to the unit before you begin to replace these parts.

Whirlpool Condenser Fan Motor

OEM Parts Number – 833697

The condenser fan motor is used to draw air through the refrigerator’s condenser coils and over the compressor motor.  The most common symptoms that this part has failed are, the fridge temperature is warm, the freezer is warm, does not defrost, no ice cubes are being produced.  Please remember to unplug the appliance before you begin to service it.

Whirlpool Broil Element

OEM Part Number – W10856603

Broil element.  The element is located on the top of the oven cavity and used for broiling.  The element is often used to help preheat the oven faster for baking.  If your broil element is bad, you should be able to see the damage, such as, a broken element, blistering, bubbles, burn marks, burnt or melted terminal ends.  If any of the mentioned damage is present to the element, it will need to be removed and replaced.  Be aware: that some appliance parts can hold residual heat for quite a while after the unit has been turned off.  It is suggested that you wear gloves while performing tests or troubleshooting any heating elements, to prevent yourself from bodily injuries.  Be sure and use the model number to ensure that this is the correct electrical component for your appliance.

Whirlpool Drum Belt

OEM Part Number – 341241

This part is used to turn the drum located inside of the clothes dryer, it is a flat belt that measures 92 1/4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.  This belt uses an idler pulley to keep tension around the drum.  This is an authentic OEM belt with (4) ribs and (3) grooves, it replaces many belts used on many other models.  The most common symptom of a broken dryer belt is the motor runs, but the drum won’t turn.  Note: We suggest wearing gloves when replacing this part, the appliance console has sharp metal edges and sharp protruding screw points that can hurt your hands, if not protected.

Whirlpool Motor Coupling

OEM Part Number – 285753A

These parts are used on some beltless direct drive model washing machines.  They are the new and improved genuine OEM version of the old-style coupling, the manufacturer has added a metal shaft to the sleeves for extra durability.  The coupling is used between the washer motor and the transmission.  Some signs of a broken washer coupling are, the washing machine tub will fill with water and drain the water, but it will not agitate or spin the basket.  You might see small pieces of black rubber on the floor under the appliance, this indicates a worn-out rubber coupling bushing.  You will have to tilt the machine back enough to see it.

Whirlpool Dish Rack Roller Assembly

OEM Part Number – W10888592

The roller assembly is located on the upper dish rack.  The roller wheels are located inside of the dish rack rails to help the rack roll in and out of the dishwasher smoothly.  These parts fix these symptoms, dish rack won’t push in or pull out, hard to pull out, hard to push in.

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